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Conclusion - Where to go after $10K?

Improving your marketing, sales, & fulfillment for scale.

You’re up to $10K a month. Congratulations! This is exactly what we’ve been working for all along. Chances are that you’ve already started to figure this out, but the foundation we have laid creates all sorts of possibilities for where you can go from here.

Ultimately, success in running a coaching or a consulting business comes down to success in 3 main areas: marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

We’ve done our absolute, level best to focus down on the main pieces of this process that are going to create success in those 3 areas to the degree of $10K a month and more. We covered the Golden Triangle, sorting out who you are, what you contribute to the market, who stands to gain the most, and how you can bring your expertise to bear on their lives in the form of an easy-to-deliver, easy-to-understand solution. We touched on the logistics, the messaging, and the positioning of how to place an offer in front of the eyes of your market and have it make quick, intuitive sense, and even to draw them in if they are in need of your help.

We settled in on one method of client generation and blitzed our way through implementing all of the steps required to get it up and running, and we even covered how to handle high ticket sales!

If you’re one of those beautiful, rebellious souls who just wants to skip ahead to the end of the training even though you’re not at $10K / mo. yet – God bless you, but you need to go back to the trainings and implement. Education is not action. Learning more will not necessarily lead to you doing more. And what I’m going to discuss in this video is one big, shiny distraction if you’re not at $10K a month yet. Master the fundamentals, then build on top of them.

But let’s assume, for the rest of this video, that $10K a month is a reality for you right now, and you’re starting to look at “what’s next”?

Let’s circle back to those 3 main areas of business.

Marketing, Sales, and Fulfillment.

All of the improvements we can make to your business are going to be in one or more of those 3 areas. So let’s break down some recommendations I might make to you from here, depending upon your situation.

Improve Your Marketing → If you’re in this spot, it’s because the actual process of marketing is the heavy lift for you. It feels heavy and difficult to talk to the leads all the time and work them yourself. It feels difficult to manage all of the Messenger conversations and LinkedIn Prospecting.

Improve Your Sales → Maybe it’s a different situation, and the actual sales process is difficult for you. You don’t like the 15 to 45 Minute calls, you want to figure out an alternative way to get people in the door paying for something, and then you want to do a different enrollment method.

Improve Your Fulfillment → Maybe the fulfillment is a heavy lift in and of itself, or maybe you’ve got an idea for either a lower-ticket or higher-ticket offer that you could place down that will help you to be able to move further up-and-down-market. Maybe you’ve had 3 or 4 people who just want you to do all the work for them, and you didn’t have something ready. Or maybe there is a whole army of people who need your help that aren’t ready for your mid-ticket thing just yet, that you could serve if you put together a low ticket offering. Or maybe you just want to run the Mid-Ticket ad infinitum and automate or outsource some of the fulfillment on it.

Let’s talk about all of those things! And remember – even if you’re not 100% ready for these as your next steps, it’s still good to sort of plot your path forward and have next steps in mind.

📁 The following paths represent several different routes my clients have taken after they’ve gotten the whole GrowthMap process implemented and running, that allow them to really hone in on one or more of those areas of improvement. But they all start in the same place; and really, what comes next is all about augmenting and amplifying what we already have working.

The Thought Leader

The first step on this path is what I call “The Thought Leader” – the Thought Leader isn’t playing around anymore. The Thought Leader has a message and a method for the world, and they want to influence their entire market for the better if they can, showing as many people as possible how to overcome the problems they’ve railed against in the mid-ticket offer. This comes down to two things – refinement and systematization.

The fact of the matter is that this phase is when all of the more serious and complicated tools become necessary. We haven’t needed to use a full-on website, branding package, and email marketing solutions. And that’s great – getting to $10K or even $20K without them shows you that these aren’t fundamental – and they can even be a distraction if you don’t have the fundamentals of the Golden Triangle dialed in first. Many a great business idea has been shipwrecked on some random Squarespace site because there was no business sense of how to get leads & close sales TODAY.

But if we want to go beyond $10K to $20K – or if we really want to systematize, streamline, automate, and do the fancy stuff, these tools are going to be necessary.

Just a few of the tools we’re going to need include: a website, a branding package, a way to collect email addresses & contact info, and a way to take applications.

The reason a Thought Leader needs these tools is because these are what allow them to have margin, space, and clout in their market. This gives them a place to send people when they do podcast appearances, a way to create pages they can track using Facebook Ads, and a way to keep contact information for their leads so that they can send broadcast emails to thousands of people at once.

These are the tools that are going to allow you to better systematize, streamline, and automate your processes. This is how we take applications from all the myriad leads we’re getting, and filter through them to find our best and most-qualified favorites. It’s how we show the world that we’re a professional worth the top shelf prices we’ll charge for the high ticket offers we create. It’s where we demonstrate our expertise, our value, and our brilliance to the world in a space that is uniquely ours.

I’m talking about the fundamental tool that will need to be in place for all of the possible paths you could take from here – a website, with solid branding, high-converting copy & design, and automated marketing tools.

There are lots of pieces of software to help you with this next phase – there’s ClickFunnels, GoHighLevel, Kajabi, and many others. If you just wanted a website, there’s Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. Some of them try to be all in one, some of them do a few things better than others.

They all have their benefits and drawbacks. Candidly? I have never ever been a fan of any of these all-in-one boxed solutions. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Complete lack of digital sovereignty – The minute you stop paying the company, they keep your stuff and shut you down. That’s crazy to me. What a weird engagement to have with a company. You don’t own your site, you’re simply renting out the space on their platform. I prefer to be able to download my entire site and move it someplace else, or keep a backup of my entire email list without having to ask another company for permission first. Especially in an age where these big public companies are putting social pressure on me and folks like me to not allow us to say what we want to say.
  2. By doing everything, they do nothing well — it’s kind of like a 3-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Sure, it “gets the job done”, but is that really what you want? Maybe I’m a little pampered, but I prefer to be able to pick the right tool for the job, rather than buy one swiss army knife tool, and now suddenly I’m hammering in tent stakes with a spork. Plus, if something breaks, it all breaks. I like to be a little bit more secure than that.
  3. Ongoing expenses — this is a big one. Have you noticed that everything you pay for these days is a subscription service? It used to be that you’d pay for something once and then own it. There are still some corners of the world where this is the case, and it’s a great deal if you can ever find it. If you’re going to run your business for longer than a year, a one-time purchase is almost always a better deal.
  4. Customizability — I like to be able to choose what I need and don’t need, so that it’s not a bloated mess when I go in to make some changes or add some functionality. If I’ve got a 10-in-1 solution but I’m only using 4 of the pieces, I’ve got 6 features that are nothing but dead weight.

It’s for all of those reasons that I’ve dialed in my entire professional process around custom WordPress websites. WordPress is dead-stupid easy these days, and I have worked extremely hard over the past 10 years to put together a version of WordPress sites that can do everything you need to do, without the headaches and monthly costs associated with those other approaches, while still being able to control everything on the site and not risk losing it to someone else who decides they don’t like what you have to say.

Check out the backend of my own site, for a moment. Using only a few specialized tools, I’ve been able to create solutions and tools that have literally saved me what would normally add up to about $1,500 a month in order to create, given me complete control over my business, and handled each phase with an extreme degree of quality. It doesn’t feel slapped together, bloated, or irrelevant. It’s a sharp tool, designed for my specific challenges, delightful to use.

Building something like this site is what I’d be doing for the Thought Leader who wants to jump into my GrowthBrand program. I’ll subtract what’s already been paid into the GrowthMap (or the GrowthLaunch if you had us help with that), and it’d be yours forever. I won’t even charge for hosting until after a year – hosting it for you the whole time, taking daily backups, making sure performance is up to snuff, etc.

Now, whether they get my help or not, the Thought Leader needs a site, they need solid branding, great copy, ways to collect emails, and ways to take applications. Maybe they’ll even re-purpose their Value-Add Piece from earlier in this process into a Lead Magnet that people can download in exchange for an email opt-in. Again, this can lead to higher prices, better positioning in the market, more control, and more long-term stability. What are some things you can do from there?

I’ve got some examples.

The Low Ticket Funnel

  • Maybe you’re in a position where people are really into your Mid-Ticket thing. Congratulations! You’ve been doing so well to get to this point!
  • It’s proven, the material is solid, you’ve got a process ironed out.
  • If you’ve been following my advice, chances are you’re probably pretty tapped out when it comes to Messenger conversations. More than likely, you’re at the place where they feel like way too much.
  • A low ticket funnel allows you to package your teaching into a product – a book, a workshop, or a membership program – and then sell access to that information as the first step in your process.
    • With a well-designed process in place, you’ll have the ability to put 10 bucks into Facebook ads and get $15 out, before you ever sell a high ticket thing.
    • With the net result that people will educate themselves into becoming your best, most profitable clients, at their own expense. They will pay their own way into your circle of influence, and then learn everything they need to know in order to see if they need your personalized help. Prepare for the easiest mid-ticket sales you’ll ever experience in your life!
  • I hope you can see how much this depends upon the Golden Triangle – if we don’t know them well enough to help, if we don’t have something that’s a little more expensive for them to buy on the other side, and if we didn’t have enough cash flow to at LEAST be able to feed ourselves while still spending $500 on Facebook Ads, this would be a fool’s errand. But with all those things in place, this becomes an extremely powerful strategy!

My client Justin launched a low-ticket funnel that I built for him, leading to a low-ticket program he created.

  • He’s a brilliant marketer, an OG Christian YouTuber, and his nearly 6 figures of Instagram followers, and yet he was struggling with ALL OF THOSE RESOURCES to find ways to sell his teaching materials. His mid-ticket offer is something called the Digital Missionary Academy, teaching people how to create viral gospel content to reach thousands and even millions with intentional, simple short videos and carousels. He distilled the material in that program into something he called the “Empty Pews to a Million Views Masterclass, I designed the page for him, and we’ve been running ads for a few months. He’s currently getting 4 dollars for every dollar he puts into Facebook ads, and he’s not going anywhere near a phone or anything high-ticket! And the best part – this is to completely cold traffic, and not even once taking into account his massive audience elsewhere. This is all brand new growth.

The High-Ticket Circuit Seller

There’s no getting around it – High Ticket programs are a massive expenditure of time and energy to spin up, to ideate, to sell, and to execute. Whole departments and teams are dedicated to managing a single high ticket offer, from marketing, sales, fulfillment, and management and more. It’s not something I’d necessarily recommend for a solopreneur to pick up and try to carry.

But what if we could dramatically lighten that load, and make a $10,000, $20,000, or $40,000 offer a realistic possibility for yourself and a team of 2 or 3 assistants to pull off routinely, every time?

The first step is to elevate your offers — create a High-Ticket Offer that is the next level up from your Mid-Ticket Offer – or a super premium one that’s yet another level higher! Follow the same process as the Mid-Ticket Offer, and just increase the scope of the problem and how much you’ll do to help them solve it. It truly is not more complicated than that.

But now, there’s the matter of selling it. All the complicated book-a-call funnel iterations that have come out in the last 10 years, with a spaghetti full of interlocking pieces and complicated automations that break every few days are probably coming to mind. We’ve got something a lot simpler.

Better yet, what if we could almost 100% automate the marketing of this offer, and have an extremely high-touch sales system – that doesn’t require a phone call?

That’s what the circuit is for. I’ve built these for clients before and they get RAVE reviews. Imagine somebody opts in for your lead magnet and consumes it – then they’re given an opportunity to learn more about your flagship program. They apply to see if they’re a good fit for the program, and then you have to approve their application. The minute they are approved to join the program, they are given a 7-day window of access to join. During the approval window, you offer 15 minute chats, an FB Concierge Messaging service in case there’s anything they need, and a video masterclass they watch that educates them on what they need to know in order to make the decision to enroll or not. If they don’t enroll, an automated system gives them the ability to apply and enroll every 3 or 4 months until they enroll, unsubscribe, or the Lord returns.

A friend of mine, Lucas, launched this for his own company and got CRAZY results. Here were the results they got before, with their phone sales team:

  • 100 would apply
  • 80 would book a call
  • 45 would show up
  • and of those, 10 would buy.(And the sales cycle was long – maybe 30 days.)

Once we installed the circuit, here’s what they started to see:

  • 100 would apply
  • 70 would be approved
  • 21 would buy.

If you’re doing some math, you’ve probably noticed that over twice as many people actually ended up enrolling using the Circuit system, and phone calls went away almost completely.

So, twice the conversion rate with no sales calls – this isn’t something I can guarantee, but you should be aware – it’s possible. And getting the SAME conversion rate without any sales calls at all isn’t just possible – it’s likely.

The Absent Owner

My friend Warren owns a construction company in Georgia. He has hired a team of people that run his business for him, allowing him to take home a generous “owner’s cut” while he travels the country debating on behalf of Christianity, creating YouTube videos, and studying theology. This is his idea of a rich life. I spoke to him recently and unlocked the different pieces and parts he put into place to allow him to do this, and it’s less complicated than it sounds.

The first step is streamlining your fulfillment. Eliminate whatever is not necessary to the end-result. People will thank you for it – fluff and bloat are the enemies of progress.

Once you’ve cut out what’s unnecessary, the question becomes – how can we automate what needs to be done the same way every time? Maybe this is creating checklists, training videos, and SOPs, but maybe this is using advanced tools to handle automatic and repetitive tasks.

With what’s left, we first want to delegate the manual work. If it can’t be eliminated or automated, chances are still good that not all of it needs to be done by you! What can you hand to a virtual assistant? What can you hire out to an agency?

With what’s left – either hire REALLY TALENTED folks for the rest, or handle those few pieces yourself. You’ve likely saved yourself 10-20 hours of fulfillment work per week for the rest of your life once you’re on the other side of this process.

In fact, if you’ve already got a mid-ticket offer in hand, there’s a lot you can do to grease the gears already.

Create SOPs for your mid-ticket offer

Streamline your fulfillment — record trainings for your mid-ticket offer by recording the client calls, and have somebody else do the coaching / fulfillment by following your process.

  • Use Riverside FM to get really high quality video of JUST YOU while you record the training with your clients. Worth the price by itself.
  • In the meantime, say “you’ll never get more 1:1 access to me at a better price” to your prospects for a nice conversion bump.
  • Get to the point where your mid-ticket offer requires just a phone call from you where you spot-check their work. That’s probably the form that THIS program took for you, and it was a LOT of work to get it to this point – but it pays dividends now because I have an asset I can use while still offering high quality help to my clients.
  • Hiring setters and closers.
    • Should only do this once your volume is such that you’re bringing in a MINIMUM of 10 Sales-Qualified Leads per week, per closer. This is way down the line, generally. Pay them 10% commission, give them autonomy, and hold them to the standards. This is an entirely different can of worms, but you can go that way.

So, those are the 3 directions our clients usually go after they’ve worked with us to get to $10K and implemented the Thought Leader route.

And guess what? We offer these services as well. If you wanted our help building out the Low Ticket Funnel, the High Ticket Circuit Seller, or even systems for the Absent Owner into your existing business, we’d love to have that conversation with you.

Chances are, if you’ve gotten this far, then you’re our kind of people. The program in which we tackle these advanced projects is called the GrowthScale, and all you need to do to learn more about it is send an email to [email protected] with the word “GrowthScale” in the title. We’ll set up a call and talk shop. Just be aware, this is our most expensive and exclusive program. And I think you can see why – these are the systems behind companies I’ve helped scale to $10 Million a year, and they are not simple – but they are exceedingly powerful.

So that’s it! I think you can easily see where the process can go from here. There are a million ways to improve your marketing, sales, and fulfillment systems in your business.

Some are a better fit for your specific situation and market than others – maybe you’re a personal trainer and you can’t do the work for your clients, but you could streamline and automate the fulfillment and marketing, and install a low ticket funnel. Maybe you’re not trying to become the Absent Owner because this is your passion in life – but you could build a High Ticket Circuit to lighten the load on sales and fulfillment that high ticket offers usually represent. Or maybe it’s the other way around – maybe you’re not trying to get anywhere near the high ticket space for any number of reasons – but the idea of a business that others run for you – streamlined, automated, and delegated – that gives you time freedom and enough money to pursue your passions with all the new spare time you’ve crafted is what really sounds like life to you. The world is your oyster. We’re here to help you get there. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all about this process.

But it all started because you were able to clear $10K. You’ve got the skillset now to really succeed in business and life. Thanks for trusting me to take you this far. I’m honored by that trust.

If you ever have questions, concerns, thoughts, or ideas about this – or if you’ve got ideas for other ways I may be able to help, drop me a line. Aside from my family, the people I’m most excited to hear from are my clients. It always brightens my day to see you pop into my inbox.

I’ll be praying for your long term continued success. I always will. I have a list of every client I’ve ever worked with, and buddy – you’re on it.

May God speed you forward to all good success with all the time you have left, until we are both together in His Kingdom, celebrating His victory for all eternity.

Further up and further in.

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