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[NOTE: Please read this letter – the WHOLE thing – as it has important details and next steps for you.]

Or, in case it wasn’t clear:

  • Read it all (yes, every word).
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Hey! It’s me, Tim! 👋🏼

First of all, welcome to the Overlap Design Family!

I seriously can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you more closely as we embark on the process of spinning up your mid-ticket offers and finding clients for them as soon as possible.

Second of all, congratulations. You’ve just made the first few most important steps toward actually getting this thing off the ground and into the air! We’ve got quite a job ahead of us, but we’re thrilled to be going to battle alongside you.

I need you to hear this loud and clear: you will feel like you’re drinking out of a firehouse. But that’s normal. In fact, I prefer it! We have to move fast.

Here’s my promise to you: if you’re willing to hang in there with us, get us what we need, stick to the plan, execute violently and stay patient, this will be one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself and your business.

Because our singular focus is to show you how to:

✅ Validate one core market.

✅ Validate one offer.

✅ Validate one client acquisition approach.

✅ Create a stable $20K / mo. income channel (whether it’s your first or your next $20K / mo!)

If you’ve followed us around for awhile, you know that we feel morally obligated to be the best; to produce the best results. We’re constantly working on refining, tuning, tweaking, and improving this process using the feedback we get from our clients, so I’ll be the first to tell you this is the best version of this process we’ve ever offered.

AND, we just went through several major overhauls to bring even BETTER results through this program only a month or so ago.

You’ve joined at the perfect time and we can’t wait go co-create your personal roadmap to launch your business to $20K months.

💡 NOTE: This welcome letter describes only the “GrowthMap” process – if (when?) you decide to go deeper with us into future programs, each of those will have its own Welcome Letter – so this stands as an overview and an introduction, as well as a specific treatment on the GrowthMap, what it is, and what it’s designed to produce.

So, allow me to give you a breakdown / timeline, and finally what you need to do IMMEDIATELY as part of the GrowthMap process.

There are 4 main pillars to the Overlap Design “GrowthMap” Process, and we’ll help you to implement all four during the next 2 weeks. Here they are:

1. The GrowthMap Training

This is the knowledge core we’ve honed for how to put together an offer and sell it quickly using simple tools and the power of the Internet.

It’s designed to be quick, punchy, and actionable. We’re all drowning in information – so giving you WAY MORE of it just by itself isn’t going to get the job done.

So, we’ve made some pretty radical changes to the way this process usually works:

  1. Your videos and the course materials will be right alongside the tools you will be using to implement what you’re learning.
  2. We are side-saddle with you the whole time, and we will be checking on your progress.
  3. You have specific next steps after every lesson that you must implement before you move on!

If information were all we needed to get the important things done, then librarians would all be billionaires with six-pack abs. And you’d never see smoking doctors, or lawyers in jail.

So, since information alone won’t do it, we won’t just leave you with “information” either. Let’s look at the next piece of the puzzle:

2. The GrowthMap Workbook

As you go through the various training videos (which have names like “2 – You”), you will have homework to do.

  • Worksheets to fill in.
  • Questions to answer.
  • Names to ideate.
  • Copy to write.

I’m going to have you compile all of these down into a single document – we’re calling that the “GrowthMap Workbook”.

This gives myself and the rest of the team a “single point of contact” upon which we can focus our questions and our approach.

You should aim to have the GrowthMap Workbook all completed in the next 7-14 days or so.

Once that’s in place and we’ve had a chance to study it, we’ll move on to the next step:

3. The GrowthMap Session

By this time, you’ll have completed our training and filled out the workbook. This is when we iron out all the kinks and customize a battle plan to get you up to $20K / mo.+

You hired us because we are world-class experts in offers, marketing, sales, & launching expertise-based businesses.

We know that you’re an expert in your own field – and you want to take your business to the summit of your industry.

That “meeting of the minds” is what is going to make this a special partnership.

Now, we need to get EVERYTHING out on the table & decide on the best path forward together.

That’s why we’re going to have a GrowthMap Session.

The GrowthMap Session is a 1.5-Hour Interview Meeting, designed to do the following things:

  1. Assess the Information on your Workbook.
  2. Revise, sharpen, and hone that information into a Concrete Battle Plan.
  3. Brainstorm copy, names, next steps.
  4. Ideate ways to reduce selling time, simplify fulfillment, eliminate sales pressure.
  5. Answer questions that arose from the program.

Essentially, we’ll spend the first half-hour asking a hundred uncomfortable questions to bring out the rough-cut diamonds from the depths of your business, your personality, your clients, and everything else relevant to your business.

Then, we’ll spend the second half-hour setting a confident plan of attack for executing that clear roadmap and walking through the various pieces necessary to make it all happen.

The rest of the call will be for addressing questions or specific points of emphasis that came up in the first hour.

Once we’re off the call, my team and I will circle up for the last part:

4. The GrowthMap Document

This is where we actually compile everything – the entire culminating process up to this point – and distill it down into a battle-tested roadmap for you to go out and execute.

It’ll include the exact playbook, our findings, the materials we’ll recommend, tools we recommend that you use, resources — everything.

This includes a summary of the GrowthMap Session, as well as a recording – but it’s a lot more than that. My team and I go discuss our conversation with you, tweaking and honing everything we’ve discussed to your exact situation, complete with our up-to-the-minute recommendations.

It’s your personal companion to all of the trainings and materials, and the process which we help you uncover, that gives you a path tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses for accomplishing exactly what needs to be done to move forward to $20K / mo.

You basically have 3 options for “what to do with this document”:

  1. You can take this and follow these instructions yourself until you reach $20K / mo – you can literally think of this as a Roadmap to where you want to go. Follow the path till you reach the “X”!

  2. You can take this to another coach to get their help walking you through achieving everything it sets out – there is no coaching gig on the planet easier than walking alongside a “man (or woman!) with a plan” who just needs to be held accountable to the execution part. Go become someone else’s dream client!

  3. (Recommended) You can have us be your coach – and also have us do 80% of the work for you! If we’ve had a great experience working with you on this GrowthMap, we may extend the offer of our direct help to help you get these things built and launched on your behalf!

    We’re talking:

    • Writing your copy for you.
    • Crafting your offer(s) with you.
    • Setting up the tech stack you need.
    • Giving you all of our templates (whichever ones are relevant!)

    The best part – we will subtract what you have already paid us from the cost of that engagement as our way of saying thanks!

But I’m getting ahead of myself… there’s a lot of work to do before then!

💡 The point is that you will know exactly what to do and be empowered with everything you need to actually go out and do it! We will train you, give you the materials, assess those materials on an intensive session, and craft a concrete plan on your behalf with specific recommendations for what to do next to get to where you’re trying to go!

BONUS: The Growth Hotline

Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

You’re sure to have questions as things come up. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, after all. You’ll try something and it didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Or you’ll get stuck trying to figure out how some specific advice we gave applies to your context and market.

That’s where the Growth Hotline comes in. Growth Hotline is a monthly, ongoing mentorship program that is available to a select few of my clients. It gives them email and Messenger access to me for á la carte support for the entire month.

Imagine reaching out to me and my team whenever you have a question, need an idea, or want an extra set of eyes on your stuff…

  • It looks like this:
    • EASY ACCESS — Reach out 24/7 — whenever it works for you! You’ll have a messaging channel where you send us a text, audio, or video question at any time.
    • ASYNCHRONOUS — No need to worry about time zones, wait for a weekly call, or show up to a Zoom call to get support. Send us a message from your phone or computer, whenever it’s convenient for you.
    • Q&A — Ask us anything about Mini workshops, offer Creation, simple marketing, video creation, business systems, social proof, and more.
    • NO BUSYWORK — This isn’t about strategies you’ll use “someday.” Get our hands-on help with the tasks & questions you’re dealing with in your business today.
    • OPEN BOOK — Want to know something about our own funnels, systems, launches, partnership, or offers? Ask away! We’ll even share internal resources.
    • PICK OUR BRAINS — Leverage our combined expertise! Get our in-the-trenches insights on building multiple businesses in difference niches.
    • FREEDOM FIRST — This isn’t just business coaching. This is business coaching that prioritizes your values, your personality, and your “rules of engagement.”
    • CONTENT-FREE — Zero videos. Zero modules. Zero resources. Ask us about what you’re working on right now — and we’ll send answers, resources, guidance, and feedback.
    • UNCONVENTIONAL — We’re not your typical “guru” coaches and bro-marketers. You can expect simple solutions and ideas that lead to a lighter business and life.

Now, my Growth Hotline normally costs $1,000 / mo.

You’re literally getting it thrown in for free for an entire month, starting from the date you enrolled into the GrowthMap.

I’m totally dedicated to actually getting you off the ground and soaring.


I want to give you a couple of quick tips on how to succeed in this program.

A lot of what is going to be a challenge for you in this program isn’t necessarily the tactical execution.

If you’re here, you’re smart enough to be here, right? I mean, the way that we vet people before we let them in, the kind of marketing that we do, we’re not exactly trying to attract people who aren’t already pretty prepared to succeed in this program. So you’re smart enough to do everything we need to do here.

What’s going to be the challenge is what’s in between your ears: that gray stuff, your mentality, your mindset, your belief systems, your philosophies.

It’s easy to get caught up in the personal development side and forget about the tactical side.

You will only get paid by your clients for the delivery of value; not the promise of value, not the idea of value… you get paid for the delivery of value.

So for all of the mindset stuff that needs to be overcome, you still have to execute. So look at the mindset, look at the belief, look at the philosophy stuff, simply as an area that you can look at to help you accelerate execution.

However, there are a few surefire ways to lose:

  • Panic.
  • Comparison; Comparing your results (usually pessimistically) to others’ results (usually optimistically).
  • Complexity; Running before you can walk, walking before you can crawl.
  • Lack of Personal Responsibility.
  • Thinking that “watching the videos” is the same thing as “doing what they say”.
  • FOMO.
  • Shiny Object Syndrome

The truth is that there is ONE (1) thing that will get you up and running and on your way to $20K / mo. and beyond:

Sales through Conversations with Prospects

Strategically the FASTEST way to get your business to $20K / mo (and beyond!) sustainably is by removing all obstacles between your offer and your market.

And there’s only ONE thing that enables you to do that faster than anything else: CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR PROSPECTS THAT LEAD TO SALES.

Not marketing, not building a brand, not building an audience, not being liked, not running a challenge, not building an email list, not accounting, not working for free. Just sales.

Why? Because all the other stuff comes second. YES, MARKETING comes second. Read it again. Pin it on your wall. Never forget it.

It’s simple. You can’t “out-market” a bad offer. In the beginning, the entire foundation of your business rests on your ability to place an offer in front of people who will say “yes” when asked to pay for it.

SALES is the shortest feedback loop you can ever create on your OFFER. The ultimate “Direct Response” – it’s either a “yes or a “no”, immediately. There aren’t multiple steps, drawn-out feedback loops, attribution problems, or any other thing to distract you from the few hard things that matter.

Making offers and closing sales will tell you – quickly – if your market actually wants your offer, and if they don’t – why they don’t (if you’re smart enough to ask for feedback).

Leading me to the last piece of this equation.

Your behavior.

The best strategy will fail if you don’t make the right choices and take the right actions with the right attitude and mindset.

  • Sales might be rough for you right now if you haven’t built mental resilience. Hearing a no on a sales call can hurt if taken personally from the wrong perspective.
  • Allowing the process to be as simple as I’m going to show you it can be — that’s going to be a tough pill to swallow. In fact, I can guarantee that you will see me show you the simple path, and you will look to make it complicated, thinking “it can’t be that simple!”
  • Having to kill an offer idea you worked hard for and believed to be a breakthrough is not a fun experience.

But that’s EXACTLY what you want. You need feedback, you need the “no’s” because, in time, you’ll realize that every no was a blessing in disguise.

A blessing that gets you out of phase 1. A blessing rescuing you from 6 months to 2 years stuck in the “trying to make it work” phase with an offer that was doomed from the start.

The sooner you get that, the less it will hurt. Your attitude and behavior matter. A lot.

Lastly — the Overlap Design Team is here for you.

We’re not responsible for saving your business. We’re not responsible for comforting you. You’re here to level up, be more successful and expand your potential. And when you fall, we’re here to help you up. Remember, that’s what the “Growth Hotline” is here for!

But as long as you’re willing to follow instructions, do the work, stand and face your problems, and take responsibility for what is going on in your life & business, there are no other limitations between you and the success you hoped for when you first started a business.

You need nobody’s permission.

There is no cavalry coming to rescue you.

It’s up to you, and we are side-saddle with you the whole way.

So let’s get to work together, so you can make sales by creating conversations with your prospects!


Fill in our Support Form →

Here’s why: we get TONS of emails and personal messages (text, Messenger, DMs, etc.) — so we want to make sure our clients (that’s you!) don’t get lost in the shuffle.

That support form sets off something like 10 discrete alarms and systems we have put in place to make sure that your needs are front and center and NOTHING slips through the cracks. Use it early, and use it often.

When in doubt, use the support form!


1. Watch the Dashboard Tour → DONE!

2. Read the Welcome letter → DONE!

3. Start watching the Trainings… and get to work.

That’s all for now!

Once again, congratulations! If God blesses this, you’ll look back on this decision and see it as one of the biggest shifts in your life & business.

We can’t wait to get started!

With love,

Tim, Nate

& The Team at Overlap Design



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