How It Works

Our finely-tuned process creates stunning brands, top-of-the-line websites, and winning digital marketing campaigns in record time. We have spent a FORTUNE perfecting it, and our clients LOVE it.



Apply to work with our team, and if there’s a good fit we will get on the phone.


We dive deep into you, your clients, & what you sell, and craft an ideal identity to suit it.

STEP 3) Launch

In 1 Day, we build & launch your custom website & sales funnel, ready to convert.


We get to work on marketing & bringing leads using our Hybrid-Organic system.

The Strategy Session

Get Clarity on the Right Way Forward

You book a time and hop on the phone with myself or somebody from my team for a 15 minute strategy session, and we will take a look under the hood – if we can help, we’ll offer to work with you, but if we can’t, we will point you in the direction of somebody who can – even if they’re a competitor of ours.
We just want to help guide you to the right decision.

Step 2) The GrowthMap

A Concrete Roadmap to Align Your Work with God's Work (and level up your brand!)

The GrowthMap is a deep, focused interview where we break down your past, your present, and your ideal future and combine our expertise with yours to align your work with God’s work.

We’ll craft a meaningful brand story, and a battle-tested action plan to apply it — so you can walk out your faith authentically, attract better clients, and make a greater impact. We’ll compile all of this into 1 playbook – a roadmap you can follow to launch a brand that matters, complete with training & worksheets so you can avoid the pitfalls.

You can then hire us to execute that plan with you, or do it in-house, either way is fine. The cost of the GrowthMap will be applied to the full project if you move forward with us.

Step 3) The GrowthLaunch

Build & Launch a World-Class Website in 1 Day

Yes, one day. That means:

• Branding Package Built • Logo Design & Brand Presentation • Website Strategy & Design • Website Development & Deployment • Ideal Client-Focused Copywriting • Automated “10x” Lead Gen & Sales Funnel

…all done at the end of your 1-Day GrowthLaunch Intensive. Oh, and we’re even going to host it for you forever, on our blazing-fast, hyper-secure servers! You never have to worry about your website again – instead, you get to build the business of your dreams, complete with an online presence fit to make you the envy of all your competitors.

And beyond that day, the system we build here will be running smooth…purring, even. It will permanently improve your lead acquisition and sales conversion, permanently boosting your bottom line – and month over month, those gains just keep compounding. Especially once you factor in…

Step 4) The GrowthScale

Let Us Win the Marketing Game For You

This is where it all comes together. In the previous 3 steps, we’ve given you a system that WILL work when it comes time to do Digital Marketing. It will convert leads at a world-class rate. Now, for the leads.

They say that if you can spend $1 on advertising and make $2 back, you’ll never have to worry about money again. We have gotten $16 and $30 back for every $1 spent for some of our clients. We will utilize our extensive expertise as Google Partners and seasoned Facebook Ad veterans to target the ideal clients we identified from the first and second phases – and, being able to speak to them in their own words about their hopes, dreams, pains and fears – bring them back to your website conversion machine & turn them into thrilled clients at an industry-leading rate.

We have mastered all of the advanced systems in marketing & ads – but we’ve never lost sight of the fundamentals, which is what makes the advanced stuff work. Let us go to market & handle the advertising for you.

Nice Things Others Have Said

Nick C.

Fitness Company

We just got the ads up an hour ago – already 4 conversions. They all called and left voicemails.

Every single one of them mentioned the website.

Levi M.

Painting Company

Your designs are working insanely well.
It’s the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen, I think.

Paul M.

CPA & Accounting Consultant

If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, do it. The GrowthMapping process was incredibly insightful and energizing.

Tim’s broad base of knowledge combined with that specific to marketing and web creates a very well-rounded strategy. And of course, his positive energy is very motivational.

Justin W.

Digital Strategy Agency

Tim is a CRAZY conversion specialist who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build high-performing websites.

Jim S.

Premium Coffee Company

Tim and his team made us a LOT of money, saved us a LOT of time, and supercharged our brand & marketing. They took care of everything; studied our business, our customers, & our process.

Overlap Design took all the responsibility, took charge of the project, kept in constant touch… If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, DO IT. It was worth every penny!

J Philip L.

Cleaning Supply Company

Actually it’s an amazing month… broke TWO records yesterday.
1) We exceeded last year’s full-month of August sales, so that means we have four days to increase vs. last year August.
2) By the end of the day sales exceed the all-time record for “largest month of sales” ever, in the history of our company.

Marketing is very effective; sales of machines are HOT.