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The GrowthMap

A Concrete Roadmap to $20K / mo. as a Christian Coach / Consultant

Are you ready for a customized roadmap showing you exactly how to supercharge your offers, how to quickly, ethically, and effectively attract your dream clients, and bring in your first or next $20K / mo… WITHOUT having to build a website, brand, social presence, funnel, or webinar first, and WITHOUT having to post all day on social, cold-pitch from the DMs or “add value” in FB Groups?

The GrowthMap was developed to help you solve the 3 most important foundations for a growing premium expert-based business:

  1. A Mid-Ticket, Easy-Yes Offer your dream prospects can’t wait to buy.
  2. A simple, ethical, repeatable mechanism to reach 100+ of those dream prospects every week and have genuine conversations with them.
  3. A caring, authentic sales system that treats people like humans and comfortably enrolls perfect fits while repelling the nightmare clients.

By the end of the GrowthMap, you will have taken the exact steps needed to create an irresistible offer and enroll dream clients for it in as little as 7 days, without having to build a website or funnel, and without needing to record an hour-long webinar first.


Includes the trainings, worksheets, deep-dive interview, and a written roadmap that identifies your best business and brand opportunities and a plan to move forward.

$2,997 → $1,497

(This cost gets applied toward any GrowthLaunch, GrowthBrand or GrowthScale moving forward.)

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3 Steps of the GrowthMap Process

💡 If you’re not already bringing in $20K / mo, almost everything you could do is just a distraction from what you should do.

The truth is that you need relatively few things to crack that barrier – they’re truly the few hard things that actually matter for getting off the ground and up to $20K / mo. in your business.

Here are the 3 main things you need to get to $20K:



First, you’ll need ONE core, Mid-Ticket Offer.

Everything changes when you know you’re selling something people actually want.

A Mid-Ticket Offer is a lightweight, easy-to-deliver offer that takes a couple hours of your time and solves a pressing problem for your client, at a price-point between $500 and $2,000.

They’re scalable, lightweight, super-valuable, and easier than anything to sell. Low ticket needs expensive and professionally-designed funnels and email sequences – High ticket requires long sales calls and tons of education.

Mid-Ticket? All you need is an honest conversation, 15 minutes long, with somebody who has the problem you solve, and a Google doc with a payment link you can create in 30 minutes.

We also want to make sure that the offer you create can actually scale. If your workload increases dramatically anytime you make a sale, that’s a hurdle to scale. Let’s fix that ASAP to get you unstuck.

We’ve been helping people build these Mid-Ticket Offers for years. It’s our favorite way to make life easier for business owners.


man using MacBook
man using MacBook

Second, you’ll work on ONE lightweight “Lead Generation System” so you can sell and validate your offer right away.

We’ll walk you through our two favorite methods for finding your ideal clients and starting conversations with 1-3 serious prospects every day – either by yourself, or with a Virtual Assistant you can hire for less than $300 / month.

We will show you exactly which levers you need to pull in order to create magnetic polarity on all your public facing accounts – drawing in the attention and affinity of your dream prospects and repelling the people who aren’t a good fit from the start.

You’ll be delightfully amazed at how much your prospect quality will improve when you start a relationship with an honest-to-God conversation and treat them like a human being.

And the best part is you don’t have to do 3 months of up-front work creating a webinar, a funnel, or “building up a following” on social media first. Those things are a waste of time until much later in the process – and by then, you can hire out the help!



Third, you’ll need to close sales of your Mid-Ticket Offer, and listen for clues to a High-Ticket Offer.

In the first 2 steps, you’ve covered so much ground already. You’ve solved “The Golden Triangle” – you’ve gotten really clear answers to these questions:

Who are you to this market? Who needs your help? How can you help them?

And then you’ve condensed that down into ONE really valuable, easy-to-sell no-brainer offer, and found people who need your help with ONE super-simple honest lead generation system.

The next step is closing deals. And I’ve got great news:

You can sell Mid-Ticket Offers almost any way you want.

Are you comfortable selling through Messenger? Nurture that conversation and shoot over a payment link you can build in 30 minutes!

Are you comfortable selling on the phone? Book those calls, enjoy all the goodwill you’ve built up by being respectful and helpful, and close the easiest “yes” sales you’ll ever see.

Do you prefer selling through email? Create an email list, flex your copy muscles, and watch mass enrollments come in!

Because Mid-Ticket is so much easier to sell than either Low Ticket or High Ticket, you can keep it super casual and spend your whole day solving people’s problems. Sell however you’re comfortable; and we’ll show you all the ways we know how!

And once you’ve gotten 5-10 people at a minimum who’ve paid for your mid-ticket offer… who respect your expertise, had a great experience with you in your Mid-Ticket Offer… chances are good that now, they’re staring down the barrel of their next big problems and hurdles to overcome.

What if they wanted to keep moving forward with you? Why don’t we just ask them what they want help with next?

You can just “invent” some High Ticket offer to sell like all those Hormozi acolytes, but again – it’s a dangerous game if you’re just doing this inside your own head.

Instead, why don’t you ask the people you just helped with your Mid-Ticket work what they need help with next, specifically?

They will literally tell you what they are looking to buy next. And since you’ve had a cool, collaborative energy with them the entire time you’ve been working with them, they know and trust that they can share what they’re working on with you and you’ll figure out a way to help.

And if these people were good clients, chances are that there are way more people just like them – and now you know what they want, too…

So now, we get to outline a higher ticket program that takes people further down the transformation pathway, guides them forward, and gives them more access to you, for a higher price!

And they get an incredible deal, because you subtract the cost of the Mid-Ticket Offer from the cost of this newer High Ticket engagement with you.

They’re already a client – the selling part is “over”… and now you can build the best program possible by collaborating with the people who know, like, and trust you enough to have already paid you $1,000+.

Rather than sitting down for 6 months and “strategizing” about what kind of High Ticket offer you could create and then doing “market research” (which is just reading complaints in FB Groups and subreddits for hours on end) – why not just ask your existing clients what they need and build it right in front of them?

By this point, you should be past $20K / mo! But to be honest, I’ve seen people get all these different ingredients right and get all the way up to $40K a month without having to build a webinar, a course, or a tripwire sales funnel.

Finding a perfect fit between Offer ←and→ Audience is honestly 90% of the battle. And there’s no faster way to dial that in than a mid-ticket offer direct to respectful conversations.


When your Offer, Marketing, & Sales are dialed in, that means:

  • Dream prospects asking about your services every day
  • Great conversations with qualified buyers every day
  • Sales of your Mid-Ticket Offer every day
  • Upgrades for your favorites into your High-Ticket stuff.
  • Finally, a vacation from the constant hustle of marketing yourself all the time.
  • Consistent $20K / mo. income

And by the way, if you want our help doing most of this FOR YOU, you’ll have the opportunity to join us in our full “GrowthLaunch” Program to get our direct intervention and help to build everything we just talked about – including creating the pages, writing the copy — even recording ads for you!


We will even help you see how to reach your next goal: more time or more money.

Allow me to make this simple for you:

If you want more time, the next phase of this process is to automate how you bring in clients so you can scale up further and hand off your mid-ticket projects to someone else. You can do this with a low-ticket system leading in to your Mid-Ticket Offer, allowing you to build a simple infrastructure that can scale up to $50,000 / mo with lots of time freedom.

If you want more money, we can focus on creating the next step offer, a higher-ticket engagement ($4,000+) that takes someone who’s gone through your Mid-Ticket offer and solves whatever their next issues are. You can do this with a high-ticket backend that will be easier than ever to sell (even with no phone call!) because you’ve already helped this person and they know what you’re capable of. This can go past $100,000 / mo, but it’s a bit more work-intensive.

It’s so simple. Once you’ve reached $20,000 / mo, you have already won the first game. You’re making doctor money doing what you love with easy offers, easy systems, and plenty of time freedom.

You could decide you want to stay here and enjoy more of what makes life beautiful – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

But if you find yourself wanting more freedom, or more money – there are paths you can take to augment this awesome engine you’ve built.

And now, you can afford the help you’ll need to get it done without spending years “becoming an expert” and doing it yourself.

(Everything but this is included in our GrowthLaunch. Want our help doing this for you? That’s what the GrowthBrand and the GrowthScale are for.)

man using MacBook

Here’s a Look at What’s Included

Listen, let’s be honest: we’ve designed this program to give you clarity on how to solve the few hard things that really matter for growing a scalable services business in 2023. It’s not complicated, but it’s also not easy – or everyone would be doing it!

Information usually isn’t enough to solve the problem for most people. That’s why you see smoking doctors and lawyers in jail: information just isn’t enough.

You need help with application, and access to people building the same thing you are.

When you join the GrowthMap, You’ll Get:


1. Lifetime Access to the Overlap Design "GrowthMap Training Center"

… which you can share with your team members or follow yourself to start implementation immediately. The videos are lightweight, actionable, and direct. No fluff, no distractions. Just what you need to do to succeed.

2. A Step-by-Step Actionable “GrowthMap Workbook”

… that guides you through exactly what to do and when – we don’t allow the content to just “stay in your head” – you must get it out and start implementing.

Worksheets to fill in. Questions to answer. Names to ideate.

I’m going to have you compile all of these down into a single document – we’re calling that the “GrowthMap Workbook”. This gives myself and the rest of the team a “single point of contact” upon which we can focus our questions and our approach.

3. An in-depth 90-Minute “GrowthMap Session” Consultation

… this is when we actually iron out all the kinks and customize a battle plan for your specific scenario to get you up to $20K / mo.+

The “meeting of the minds” is what is going to make this a special partnership. Now, we need to get EVERYTHING out on the table & decide on the best path forward together.

Essentially, we’ll spend the first half-hour asking a hundred uncomfortable questions to bring out the rough-cut diamonds from the depths of your business, your personality, your clients, and everything else relevant to your business.

Then, we’ll spend the second half-hour setting a confident plan of attack for executing that clear roadmap and walking through the various pieces necessary to make it all happen.

The rest of the call will be for addressing questions or specific points of emphasis that came up in the first hour.

Once we’re off the call, my team and I will circle up for the last part:

4. "The GrowthMap Document" - a customized, battle-tested game-plan with your specific next steps and recommendations from our team.

This is where we actually compile everything – the entire culminating process up to this point – and distill it down into a battle-tested roadmap for you to go out and execute.

It’ll include the exact playbook, our findings, the materials we’ll recommend, tools we recommend that you use, resources — everything.

This includes a summary of the GrowthMap Session, as well as a recording – but it’s a lot more than that. My team and I go off on our own to discuss our conversation with you, researching the state of your industry and what’s working best – tweaking and honing everything we’ve discussed to your exact situation, complete with our up-to-the-minute recommendations.

It’s your personal companion to all of the trainings and materials, and the process which we help you uncover, that gives you a path tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses for accomplishing exactly what needs to be done to move forward from $20K / mo. to $40K, $60K, and beyond – while showing you what you need to have running in order to get your time freedom back.

The bottom line is that you will know exactly what to do to reach $20K / mo. and you’ll be empowered with everything you need to actually go out and do it !
We will train you , give you the materials , assess those materials on an intensive session , and craft a concrete plan on your behalf with specific recommendations for what to do next to get your $20K / mo income stream up and running in the next 30 days !
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