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How It Works

Our finely-tuned process quickly launches Christian coaching & expert-based companies to $20K / mo in revenue, and then creates stunning brands, top-of-the-line websites, and winning digital marketing campaigns in record time. We have spent a FORTUNE perfecting it, and our clients LOVE it.



Get a customized strategy, designed to get you past $20K / mo. in revenue.


Get our help to IMPLEMENT your GrowthMap; let's get you clients in as little as 7 days.


Already at $20K / mo? Now it's time to craft a stunning brand, site, & systems that sell.


Scale up to $100K / mo. with custom funnels, emails, & marketing automation!


Get Clarity on the Right Way Forward

If you read through all of this and you have ANY questions at all about how it works, the best thing to do is shoot Tim a message.

We’ll take a look under the hood – if we can help, we’ll offer to work with you, but if we can’t, we will point you in the direction of somebody who can – even if they’re a competitor of ours (as long as it’s the right fit!)

We just want to help guide you to the right decision.

Step 1) The GrowthMap

A specific, customized roadmap to your first (or next) $20K / mo.

Are you ready for a customized roadmap showing you exactly how to supercharge your offers, quickly, ethically, and effectively attract your dream clients, and bring in your first or next $20K / mo… WITHOUT having to build a website, brand, social presence, funnel, or webinar first, and WITHOUT having to post all day on social, cold-pitch from the DMs or “add value” in FB Groups?

The GrowthMap was developed to help you solve the 3 most important foundations for a growing premium expert-based business:

1. A Premium Offer your dream prospects can’t wait to buy.
2. A simple, ethical, repeatable mechanism to reach 100+ of those dream prospects every week and have genuine conversations with them.
3. A caring, authentic sales system that treats people like humans and comfortably enrolls perfect fits while repelling the nightmare clients.

By the end of the GrowthMap, you will know exactly which steps to take and, in what order, to create an irresistible offer and enroll clients for it in as little as 7 days.

Step 2) The GrowthLaunch

Implement the GrowthMap with our Done-For-You Help.

So you’ve already completed GrowthMap! Congratulations!

Now you’ve got the entire strategy, our exact recommendations for what to do based on up-to-the-minute data and the collective experience of all our successful clients, and a “roadmap” for your exact next steps in hand, guiding the way forward.

… what if we just set it all up for you?

Maybe you don’t want to write any copy, or build a sales page, or deal with any tech stuff.

Maybe you’re shy behind the camera and you want ads “Done For You” – written, recorded, and uploaded.

Maybe you want to have your entire client acquisition system built for you by the experts.

Let Overlap Design hand-craft each of these assets for you and get you started – give us one month and we will have you launched and well-on-your-way to $20K months.


Step 3) The GrowthBrand

Build & Launch a World-Class Website in 1 Day

Yes, one day. That means:

• Branding Package Built • Logo Design & Brand Presentation • Website Strategy & Design • Website Development & Deployment • Ideal Client-Focused Copywriting • New Client Onboarding & Automations Set Up

…all done at the end of your 1-Day GrowthBrand Intensive.

Because once you’ve cleared $20K / mo. in income – your personal needs are met. Now you can focus on taking massive ground in your market and stepping in as the Kingdom Thought-Leader you are. And you want to look the part!

Leave it to us. We will dive into your story, sharpen your message (based on insights from the GrowthMap and GrowthLaunch), and equip you with a brand, site, and message that puts your God-given unique genius on display for all of your ideal clients to see.

You never have to worry about your website again – instead, you get to build the business of your dreams, complete with an online presence fit to make you the clear favorite among all your competitors.

And beyond that day, the system we build here will be running smooth…purring, even. It will permanently improve your lead acquisition and sales conversion, permanently boosting your bottom line – and month over month, those gains just keep compounding. Especially once you factor in…

Step 4) The GrowthScale

Let Us Win the Marketing Automation Game For You

We’ve helped you to launch your business to $20K / mo in revenue, we’ve shown you a stable, repeatable process for generating clients – now it’s time to optimize for time and money freedom.

What if I told you that we could create a funnel, an email system, and a marketing automation stack that seamlessly integrates with everything we’ve built before now – that can give you all the tools to automatically enroll and nurture clients?

And what if I told you that clients of ours – men and women who have trusted us at this, the highest of all levels – have gotten to $100K / mo. and more while working less than 10 hours a week?

Is it easy? No. This is for those who want to become the best, and work with the best.

Is it possible? Yes. And more likely than you think.

They say that if you can spend $1 on advertising and make $2 back, you’ll never have to worry about money again. Well, some of our campaigns have gotten $16 and $30 back for every $1 spent for some of our clients.

First, we will build a world-class marketing automation funnel, tailored to one of 2 advanced goals – a self-liquidating offer, or a book-a-call funnel.

Next, we will utilize our extensive expertise as Google Partners and seasoned Facebook Ad veterans to target the ideal clients we identified from the first and second phases – and, being able to speak to them in their own words about their hopes, dreams, pains and fears – bring them back to your website conversion machine & turn them into thrilled clients at an industry-leading rate.

We have mastered all of the advanced systems in marketing & ads – but we’ve never lost sight of the fundamentals, which is what makes the advanced stuff work. Let us go to market & handle the advertising for you.

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