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The GrowthLaunch

We will Develop, Create, Build, Launch, and Optimize all the Client Acquisition Assets You Need to Reach $20K months... all done in 24 hours.

Maybe you don’t want to write copy, or build a sales page, or deal with any tech stuff.

Maybe you’re shy behind the camera and you want ads “Done For You”.

Let Overlap Design hand-craft each of these assets for you and get you started – give us one month and we will have you launched and well-on-your-way to $20K months within the next 30 days.

Comes with everything in GrowthMap – lifetime access to our training, our implementation workbook, á la carte coaching, and all of our templates, scripts, and resources… but we write all of your copy, design & develop your pages, edit your videos, and set up your Client Generation Method of choice. 

Done-For-You Copy, Sales Page, Design Assets, Tech Setup, & Video Recording; everything you need to execute the GrowthMap, done for you. 

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What’s the Difference Between This & GrowthMap?


The 1-on-1 Coaching Experience

  • In-Depth, “GrowthMap Training” Video Modules
  • Actionable “GrowthMap Workbook” Implementation Guide & Resources
  • 90-Minute, Deep Dive “GrowthMap Session
  • Personalized, battle-tested “GrowthMap Document“.
  • 30 days of limitless 1-on-1 Coaching Support.



  • Everything in GrowthMap, plus:
  • A Custom, High-Converting Sales Page created by our team of copywriters & designers.
  • A Professional-Looking Checkout Page
  • Ad Scripts written by our advertising experts.
  • Ad Videos Edited by the team that edits our own ads & YouTube videos.
  • Done-For-You Facebook Ad Account Setup
  • 30 Additional Days (60 Total) of limitless Coaching Support

3 Steps of the GrowthLaunch Process


Fundamentally, the GrowthLaunch is a guided execution of the GrowthMap. In GrowthMap, we walk you through the entire strategy for what you need to do to get up to $20,000 / mo. in income for your Christian service-based business in 2024 and beyond.

We walked you through how to create no-brainer, easy-yes offers, reach out to ideal fit prospects in an authentic and respectful way at scale, and close deals the simple way – effectively eliminating all barriers between you and consistent $20K pay-days.

But knowing “how” to do something isn’t the same as “doing it”. And every second of delay between you and signing up your clients is a delay on the impact and income you dreamed of when you first started this business.

• Maybe the idea of recording videos gives you cold sweats.
• Maybe you feel resistance at creating your LinkedIn Assets, or building a sales page.
• Maybe you’ve never written conversion-oriented sales copy in your life.
• Maybe every time you create a “design”, it looks like a toddler did it.
• Maybe even the slightest “tech stuff” jolts you awake in the middle of the night in terror.
• or maybe… you just want to get it all up and running faster, and you’d rather focus your time and energy on the things that make you a genius.

That’s where we come in. If you just need a little more help executing the vision laid out for your brand, then we’re here for you – and the GrowthLaunch is the best next step!


By the end of the GrowthMap:

By the end of this step, we should have a really clear idea of your “Golden Triangle” – who you are, who your ideal clients are, and what you are offering them (both in terms of how it’s structured and how you talk about it). We also need to know which Lead Acquisition Channel you’d prefer to try out, and how you’re planning on selling the Mid-Ticket Offer.

Choose Your Own GrowthLaunch Adventure!

All of these steps will have different deliverables depending upon which Lead Generation System you use – if you want to do Outsourced Outreach on LinkedIn, that will come with different deliverables than the Primed Content Ads.

No matter what, we’re writing, designing, and developing your sales page copy, reviewing your offer description, and tailoring one Lead Generation System – everything you need to get clients in as little as 7 days!


The Message

In the words of Mark Twain, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter; it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

By far the most important aspect of this process is the message you put in front of your ideal clients. What you say, how you say it, and the degree to which you successfully capture their attention and excite them about achieving what they want are the single biggest determining factors in whether or not any of this works.

So, naturally, we will want to start here.

How do you speak about your offer? Which words do you use to communicate it? Are your prospects hearing you the way you want to be heard?

Messaging is woven through every aspect of this process.

  • Your Sales Page.
  • Your “Expert Value Lead Magnet” Article.
  • Your Offer Description.
  • Your Primed Content Ads.
  • Your LinkedIn Messages. (Your entire LinkedIn Profile, really.)

So before we go any further, we need to hone your message to perfection using the most powerful tools & frameworks available, leveraging timeless principles of persuasion and communication to put out an irresistible call to those who are your perfect fit. 

man using MacBook

By the end of this step:

We will have taken the Golden Triangle from your time in the GrowthMap and sharpened it into a multi-faceted written message that speaks powerfully to the ongoing thoughts & desires of your target market.

man using MacBook

By the end of this step:

We will have taken the written message from Part 1 and situated it within visual designs created to inspire and attract your dream prospects.


The Design

If “Content is King”, then Design is his castle.

Top-notch content deserves top-notch presentation. Everything we create in this process will need to be tailored to your specific clients.

We’re not doing a full website and logo package – that’s what the GrowthBrand is for.

But we ARE creating a few extremely valuable, highly-leveraged assets that quickly gain you conversations with your prospects.

If you don’t have any branding yet, we’ll work with you to decide on your visual language and presentation – combining your secret sauce and your clients’ deepest feelings to tell a visual story that resonates and draws them in with “love at first sight”.

We will design all of the assets necessary for you to have a crisp and beautiful sales page, a top-flight checkout experience, and eye-catching assets for your Lead Generation System of choice. 


Development and Launch

Now we put it all together and make it a reality.

We take our 10+ years of web development and programming excellence and create you the finalized, live products from the messaging and designs we created in the previous 2 phases.

By the time it is over, you will have an “Expert Value Lead Magnet” piece, a stunning sales page, an effective checkout flow, and all of the content / ads / assets created and ready to go live and start attracting your clients.

It couldn’t be more simple; and it doesn’t get more powerful than this.

By the end of this step:

We will have taken the written & visual assets from the first 2 Parts and created all of the live pages and assets (like a sales page, a checkout page, and your ads / outreach materials) ready for your ideal clients to view and interact with.

The Growth Hotline

Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

You’re sure to have questions as things come up. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, after all. You’ll try something and it didn’t work the way you wanted it to. Or you’ll get stuck trying to figure out how some specific advice I gave applies to your context and market.

That’s where the Growth Hotline comes in. Growth Hotline is a monthly, ongoing mentorship program that is available to a select few of my clients. It gives them email and Messenger access to me for á la carte support for the entire month.

Imagine reaching out to me and my team whenever you have a question, need an idea, or want an extra set of eyes on your stuff…

Now, my Growth Hotline normally costs $1,000 / mo.

You’re literally getting it thrown in for free for an entire month, starting from the date you enroll into the GrowthLaunch. This is in addition to the 30 you get from GrowthMap. 60 days total!

I’m totally dedicated to actually getting you off the ground and soaring. This is my way of proving it.


30 days of this kind of help:

  • EASY ACCESS — Reach out 24/7 — whenever it works for you! You’ll have a messaging channel where you send us a text, audio, or video question at any time.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS — No need to worry about time zones, wait for a weekly call, or show up to a Zoom call to get support. Send us a message from your phone or computer, whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Q&A — Ask us anything about Mini workshops, offer Creation, simple marketing, video creation, business systems, social proof, and more.
  • NO BUSYWORK — This isn’t about strategies you’ll use “someday.” Get our hands-on help with the tasks & questions you’re dealing with in your business today.
  • OPEN BOOK — Want to know something about our own funnels, systems, launches, partnership, or offers? Ask away! We’ll even share internal resources.
  • PICK OUR BRAINS — Leverage our combined expertise! Get our in-the-trenches insights on building multiple businesses in difference niches.
  • FREEDOM FIRST — This isn’t just business coaching. This is business coaching that prioritizes your values, your personality, and your “rules of engagement.”
  • CONTENT-FREE — Zero videos. Zero modules. Zero resources. Ask us about what you’re working on right now — and we’ll send answers, resources, guidance, and feedback.
  • UNCONVENTIONAL — We’re not your typical “guru” coaches and bro-marketers. You can expect simple solutions and ideas that lead to a lighter business and life.
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