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7. The 2 Ethical Client-Generating Methods

Outsourced Organic Outreach or Primed Content Ads?

OK, so we have just created something simple, compelling, and easy to sell and deliver. We’ve got a really good hypothesis for how we can get people’s attention, and we’re ready to go start and have these conversations with prospects!

Please don’t jump in and start pitching your friends and loved ones on your FB Page. And while we’re at it, it’s not time to pay for ClickFunnels and build some complicated tripwire funnel, either.

At this point, all you have is a hypothesis for the offer you’re going to make. You could be really excited about it, but it doesn’t count until you get other people excited about it, too – so excited, in fact, that they’re ready to pull their credit card out and pay you.

If you spent 6 months writing an eBook or creating a challenge funnel, or recording course materials before you’ve at least tested that people like what you’re selling, then you’ve made a huge mistake.

We have 2 major goals at this point: proof of concept and cash flow.

You could also think of this as validation and momentum. “Scaling” right now is like trying to fly before you can crawl. We need to crawl first, gain momentum, stand up and walk, and from there we can work on flying. We just need to get the ball rolling first, and that whole process is comprised of the “non sexy” stuff.

Most people will tell you to either skip straight to setting up a book-a-call funnel through FB Ads, or trying to grow a viral YouTube or TikTok channel, or posting every day on your Personal Facebook page while giving “value” in Facebook Groups.

The issue with ALL of those approaches is twofold:

  1. They’re really high in “resistance you probably don’t want to do it. You don’t want to post business stuff on your personal FB, or you don’t want to make 100 videos or post on TikTok all day, and you don’t want to lurk in Facebook groups looking for people to pitch → help.
  2. They don’t really treat people with dignity Honestly, this is probably what’s at the root of a lot of your resistance. It feels sleazy and weird to you. You don’t like it when people pitch you in FB Groups, and no amount of “mindset” work is going to help you feel comfortable with doing something you don’t think is right.

But the fact remains – you still need a stable and repeatable way to find clients that doesn’t make you feel like taking a shower and asking God for forgiveness afterward. There are 2 ways you can handle this, and either one is a great path forward:

Outsourced Organic Outreach

→ Pay a V.A. to Find, Care For, and Nurture Prospects leading to chat conversations & 15-Minute Phone Calls

Primed Content Ads

→ Run $5 / Day Video Content Ads leading to Messenger Conversations & 15-Minute Phone Calls

The reason that either of these paths works is simple: we’re respecting other people as human beings, empowering them to engage at the level they want, and over-delivering in conversations before we try to pitch.

And best of all – the resistance is almost nothing, because you’ll know that you’re treating people with the utmost respect and care as you evaluate together whether help is needed or not.

Which means you’ll be far more motivated to do it, and you won’t have to go through some 6-week “abundance mindset and limiting beliefs masterclass” to twist your mental gymnastics into being OK with selfishly pitching people all the time.

Complicated Fails, Simple Scales.

So, here’s the rub — which one to choose?

There are some pros and cons for each.

OOO is cheaper, easier to set up, and can get results just a little bit more quickly. But its income-earning potential is somewhat capped – and it still involves cold messaging, it’s just not YOU doing it. It’s a tricky balance to nail, because cold messaging usually positions you like you’re NOT the expert or authority, and we still need to find a way to maintain that frame, even though WE are the ones reaching out first.

Primed Content Ads are a little harder to set up, they take a little longer to get going, and they’re a little more expensive. BUT it is a much more scalable strategy that is also truly inbound – people come to you KNOWING that you’re the expert, and you didn’t initiate the outreach conversation – they did.

My earnest recommendation to you is this: If you need to get traction right away and you’re content with letting somebody else do cold messaging for you, start with OOO. If you’re NOT OK with somebody else doing cold messaging for you, you’re comfortable behind the camera, and you’ve got a month or two and over $1,500 of advertising budget to spend before you NEED to get a result, then go for the PCA.

Whichever route you choose, I want you to notice 1 thing: both lead to messenger conversations & 15 minute phone calls.

Here’s why: real conversations with real people in your market, suffering from real problems is THE fastest path to cash. If you’re not at $10K yet, any obstacle you place between yourself and having a conversation with your prospect is a mistake. It’s a waste of time. It is only once you’re having TOO MANY conversations that you need to start to optimize for quality.

I like to think of it this way. You optimize for volume first, then you throttle that volume once you’re at max capacity by putting a qualifying mechanism between you and your prospects, and then you optimize for volume again.

Imagine a triangle [DRAW THE TRIANGLE HERE.]

So the logic is that we need methods that will generate conversations in an ethical way, and ride that all the way to at least $10K / mo. Everything I’m about to teach you WILL function all the way up to $50,000 a month if you tune it right. But the first threshold is $10K.

(Exposure + Value) * Frequency = Clients • Increasing any variable will get you more clients faster.

40/40/20 Rule → 40% of what makes an offer sell is the offer itself. 40% is who you’re offering it to. 20% is the creative – the messaging, copy, design, website, etc.


  • How often are you getting your offer in front of the audience?
  • This matters more than marketing or sneaky sales tricks.
  • Adding connections and messaging on LinkedIn.
  • Phone calls eventually.
  • We want to start with the easiest audience to expose our offer to, and that’s going to be on LinkedIn.


  • Adds to the exposure process.
  • “If you want people to believe that you can help them, help them.
  • People love being helped and hate being sold.
  • When we help people, we get more exposure and they will trust us!
  • Post valuable things on LinkedIn.
  • Figure out what our people need to hear to feel like they’re being helped.
  • Get on a phone call for a on-on-one opportunity to add value.


Expose your offer more than once.

Help people more than once.

Like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Exponential growth.

When we make a connection, we’re exposing our offer.

Any time we post value-added content, our connections will see it and be exposed to our value.

If we post frequently, they will see all of our posts.

When you’re connected with people, LI exposes your content to them more frequently.

We are going to outsource all of this.

If I help you twice in a day, you think of me differently than somebody who helped you 5 months ago and then again today.

Exposure and value are linked together.

Top Of Mind Marketing

This refers to what’s most convenient for your brain to pull from storage. What is most recent and most familiar? This especially applies to when people are trying to solve their problems.

When looking for someone to solve their problems, most human beings are looking for the most convenient way to solve that problem. That includes the buying process. The more often you’re helping someone and exposing them to what you have to offer, the more top of mind you’ll be.

Until $15,000 in a month, Everything You’re Doing is Discovery

You’re just discovering what people will actually need. You’re figuring out who these people are and what they need. You are learning what they need to hear before they can buy. Everything we have developed up until this point is a hypothesis that needs to be tested and then proven.

We need to discover and develop that understanding so you can share it with the people you hire.

One Final Warning

You’re going to see how simple we make this, and you’re going to want to complicate it. You’re going to want to add, take away, change, personalize, tweak, etc – but every deviation from what I’m about to show in terms of the structure is legitimately a loss or a dilution, because I’ve distilled this down into the smallest executable package I possibly could, making it as quick and painless as possible to implement.

Now, I’m going to show you in the Implementation Blitz how to actually execute on these 2 methods. But let’s start one by one and go through what makes these two methods tick. What are the inner workings of each engine, and how are they designed to function. Let’s start with what I recommend for the most people to start with.

Outsourced Organic Outreach

🗂️ Broadly speaking, we want to prime our profile, create a bit of content, figure out the criteria for who’s the best fit, write a bunch of different KINDS of messages for how we want to talk to those people, and then hand all of that off to a Virtual Assistant to act on your behalf by sending connection requests, interacting with your market’s posts, and nurturing conversations that could lead to a discovery call.

SO, that was the Outsourced Organic Outreach. It’s fast, it’s brilliant, it’s easy to set up, and it can get the ball rolling quickly, and can make a fairly simple process out of getting up to consistent $10K months.

The next one is more advanced, more complicated, and takes around 2 months to start bringing returns – but it’s also more scalable, has better long-term ceiling, and gets you valuable data you can’t receive in quite the same way from the Outsourced Organic Outreach. So without further ado, next let’s talk about:

Primed Content Ads

Primed Content Ads is a Facebook Advertising strategy, but it’s probably VERY DIFFERENT from what you’re anticipating.

Most Facebook Ads courses use Conversion Ads to a website or landing page with a pixel on them to track conversions, or something of that nature. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s fine – don’t worry about it.

The Primed Content Ads system is predicated on 3 really fundamental ideas:

  1. Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. → Facebook slashes ad costs when you keep people on the Facebook platform as opposed to sending them someplace else.
  2. People hate being sold to, but they love to learn and buy. → If your ad looks like an ad, people’s defenses go up – the market is so jaded these days. But if you give first without expectation of return, people respond. Massively.
  3. Video Content is the future. → Nothing teaches, builds goodwill, and gets a response even 1/10 as effectively as well made video content. You don’t have to be a professional editor, either – the tools we have today are incredible. And Facebook gives video ads tools that don’t exist anywhere else which supercharge our campaigns.

🗂️ The basic, fundamental underlying principle with Primed Content Ads is that you take the Demand Hooks, Roadblocks, and PFWA content from earlier in this process, and you create a minimum of 3 3-to-5-minute videos, which you run as engagement ads looking for video views. Then, you collect an audience of all the people who watch at least 25% of those videos, and you send THEM an ad with your direct offer to work with you and an invitation to reach out on Messenger. And from there, it’s the same as the Outsourced Organic Outreach – you nurture that conversation, you lead to a 15 Minute Discovery Call, and then you can either close them through Messenger or on a longer phone call if you so choose.

This is quite simple on the surface as well, but the challenge is that this is a completely cold audience and we have to warm them up ourselves. After 2 months, you’ll have THOUSANDS of people who have consumed your content, all receiving invitations to work with you more closely.

Those THOUSANDS of people will give you the big statistical set of data points you need to discover what language is resonating and what isn’t, which elements of the offer matter to people and which elements don’t, and generally all of the information you’ll need to “dial in” the ads.

And once they’re dialed in, you can get absolutely bonkers results. I have friends who have done this and earn $25,000 on around $600 to $700 of Ad Spend. BUT — that’s after the process has been up and running for some time, and everything has dialed in.

There’s a convergence point where the Primed Content Ads tend to overtake the Outsourced Organic Outreach, and that’s somewhere between 2.5 to 4 months.

The Videos

The Videos for these all tend to follow the same basic structure – there’s a Headline / Hook, a Promise of Value, a CTA to request your Singular Value-Add Piece, the teaching, and then the invitation to reach out. Pouring your expertise into this mold makes high quality videos that get and keep people’s attention.

The Targeting

We tend to want to go very light on Facebook targeting here, not wanting to try to control the Facebook algorithm so much as giving it a BASIC starting idea (not directionless, but only a few key marking distinctions) and letting IT optimize from there with our copy targeting our ideal client SUPER aggressively. It’s best to go for a FAIRLY broad audience, but write in your copy a very PRECISE message that excludes everyone who doesn’t identify.

So, if you’re going to take the Primed Content Ads approach, we’re going to set this as a challenge for ourselves:

5 Premium Clients in 30 days with $500 in ad spend.

The tools:

    • Primed Content Ads ← Long form content
    • Singular Value-Add ← To give as a “Value Bomb” as a conversation starter and education piece.
    • The DM framework to close clients


  • $3 per messenger conversation
  • 166 messenger conversations
  • 8-10% book a call = 15 booked calls
  • Close 30-40% of calls =
  • 5 Premium Clients

I’ll be totally up-front and honest with you. Unless you’re already a very good copywriter, there’s a really good chance that this doesn’t actually happen for you in Month 1. There’s a good chance this doesn’t happen for you in Month 2. Month 3 is when I would expect this result, IF YOU PROPERLY ADAPT TO THE DATA YOU’RE RECEIVING. Are there exceptions where you get your messaging right the first time and this process gets you 5 clients a month right away? Yes. But don’t bank on it.

Now where this gets FUN is that you can start to see – as you get a bigger and bigger audience on Facebook, you get a bigger and better pool of people to pull from. Then we can start running some tests.

  • Do you need more volume? Try advertising to a bigger audience with the same creatives you’ve already tested. Or try other ad types that you’re sending to your remarketing audience.
  • Do you need better quality and lower volume? Now is where we put a qualifying step between you and your prospects. Is it a lead magnet download? Is it an application to book a call? Either way, you’re placing a barrier between you and your prospects so that you can throttle down to the people who are most worth your time and attention.
  • Are you totally fine with the volume and quality, but you want more revenue? Think about bigger problems you can solve for your clients, and invent a high-ticket offer for them. Suddenly, you have a group of buyers who already know, like, and trust you, that you can serve on a deeper level for a higher fee. $10,000 becomes $25,000 pretty quickly in this scenario.
  • Looking to automate your client acquisition? Now you can distill your material into a book, a mini workshop, or some other low ticket offer and build a website around it – and guess what? Primed Content Ads to build the audience, and then a retargeting ad to close the sale of your low ticket thing is ALSO the best way to get a low-ticket offer off the ground. This strategy is scalable!

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, so remember – our goal is to get your first $10 to $20K / mo. income stream, without having to build a website and all the fancy stuff that’s a waste of time at the start.

And either the Outsourced Organic Outreach OR the Primed Content Ads are the 2 best, most effective and ethical ways I know of to get you there. They each have their pros and cons.

Which one are you planning on launching first?

Figure it out fast, because our next video is called the Implementation Blitz – and it’s going to be INSANE. Strap in.

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