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5. Offer Logistics

The Nuts & Bolts of WHAT You'll Deliver

The best metaphor — Sherpa

You are a sherpa – people are paying you thousands of dollars to help them get to the summit.

You’re showing them a faster, safer, better path.

You’re promising to give them provisions along the way.

You’re promising to give them what they need – whatever helps them.

You’re going to give them the support they need to help them anticipate and navigate obstacles along the way.

They start at a Point A, and they want to get to Point B – you’re their guide and helper to make it happen.

You’re not training them to become a sherpa – you’re not trying to teach them everything you know and get all of your skills and abilities fully formed into their skull. You’re simply bringing those skills to bear on a problem they need to have solved.

The Transformation Pathway

They are in a “State A where things currently suck, and they’re headed for a State B where things are a lot better in a way that’s really important to them.”

And there are roadblocks in their way. Could be just the 1, could be 5 or 10. We’re going to simply look at “what are the things standing in their path”, and we’re going to call them roadblocks.

The Most Important Strategy: Time Compression to the Win

  • What is the fastest way to get someone at least a minor win within the overarching pathway?
    • Ex: Weight Loss Offer → What is a way they could very, very quickly lose a significant amount of weight? → Start day 1 with a 48-hour fast.
  • Am I putting unnecessary things in this offer that is making it take longer? Are there things that they don’t necessarily need to do in order to get to State B that are bloating this thing up?

Ways to Overcome Roadblocks

Ultimately, your clients are paying you to get them to State B. Here’s how we can eliminate some of those Roadblocks:

  • Eliminate them. → If people struggle with getting themselves to do the consistent Organic Marketing, connect them with a V.A. who will do it for them.
  • Do it for them. → The people we are helping to generate leads are struggling to write Facebook ad copy? We’ll write the Facebook ad copy for them.
    • The most basic and the highest value. But also the highest touch. I will say right now that almost all DFY is better left in a High-Ticket Offer.
    • People are willing to pay for DFY at a much higher rate than the other elements.
    • In the world that we’re occupying, you do not need to solve every single problem by doing it for them. It can actually be an obstacle to scale (not necessarily, but it can!)
  • Information → Generating leads for plastic surgeon client, but receptionist doesn’t know how to close those leads.
    • Solution: Include a training program as part of your service offering.
    • A better alternative to you closing the sales for them or you hiring someone to close the sales for them.
  • Connections, Relationships, and Sourcing → In NPP, we build you a passive income funnel for $30,000 and you don’t have to pay $30,000 up front.
    • By purchasing this program, you get access to Mike’s connections (value add).
  • Tools → Spreadsheets, Worksheets, SOPs, Scripts, Software, Posters, Calendars — Stuff that solves the problem without you necessarily having to do everything for them.
  • Accountability → Any way you can introduce accountability is going to increase the value of whatever it is that you do. Reports that show the close rate of the plastic surgeon’s receptionist? Accountability calls? Facebook Group?
  • Individualized / Group Feedback and Coaching → Daily coaching calls.

You cannot survive in today’s market being concerned with what’s the easy way out. Don’t be lazy here. Be the best at solving these problems in efficient and creative ways.

You are paid for streamlining your expertise into a high-value solution to a costly / high-stakes problem for an individual who is empowered and committed to making the change.

Invest X, we’ll do Y, and You’ll Achieve / Overcome / Experience / Attain Outcome Z.

One final tip:

Include, as part of your roadblocks from Point A to Point B… something after Point B that you’re also going to help them figure out how to solve.

For example, if you’re doing a fitness offer to gain upper body muscle, include a solution for something they’ll face after they succeed – like how to find fitted shirts that fit with all your brand new muscles.

The idea here is to give them massive belief and certainty that you can help them – because you’ve thought about how to solve the next problem already. Meaning you’ve probably done it before and know how to help folks.

People love solving problems they don’t have yet. If you can speak to THAT, helping them to sort of cast themselves into a future where they’ll be dealing with the problems created by the success of the earlier stages, their belief and certainty shoot through the roof.

Go ahead and write all these down, and put a pin in it – because we’ll be using all of this in the next step.

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