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1. The Golden Triangle

You, Them, & The Offer of Help

This GrowthMap process is primarily designed to help you do the following:

Figure out who you want to be for your market. What feels good and right and like a calling, vs. what feels heavy and out-of-character?

This isn’t a navel-gazing stare deep into the abyss of your identity. This is “when the knight in shining armor rides to the top of the hill to come to their rescue, what has he come to do?”

Figure out exactly who your ideal clients really are, in detail. What are their pains, frustrations, wants, and aspirations?

Niche down here – you can probably relate to lots of people who are demographically different from you, who all have the same problem and need it solved.

Figure out exactly what to offer that makes both you and them happy whenever they say yes.

Let’s especially dive deep into how it’s structured, what it costs, and how you talk about it.

I call this the Golden Triangle. The most important thing BY FAR is figuring out the Golden Triangle and then working it.

This is the most important paragraph in this whole training, so please listen close: If you can use your skills and abilities to solve people’s real, urgent, painful problems, AND if you can find ways to start conversations with the people who are currently suffering the most by letting them know how you can help in a loving and respectful way, you can create a very simple $20,000 / mo. income stream without needing any fancy software; simply by finding and talking like a human with other humans.

That is our north star, that is what we’re working toward. This means ruthlessly cutting out everything in the beginning that isn’t directly connected to finding clients, and then stacking on one thing at a time once you’re already at $20K / mo.

If we can commit to daily action directed toward finding clients, that is how progress is made.

The #1 KPI that will tell us if this system is working is this: conversations with qualified prospects. Any obstacle you place between yourself and those conversations is a mistake at this point. Anything that doesn’t generate those conversations is a waste of time.

  • You (What Makes You Tick, and what are you good at?)
  • Them (What Makes Them Tick, and what do they need?)
  • Offer (What is the first major problem or roadblock you can help them overcome?)
  • The #1 Thing That Matters: Conversations with Prospects

One last note.

Commit to this. No, seriously. Commit.

The word “decide” comes from the Latin root “decidere” which means “to cut off”. To make a decision is to choose one thing and simultaneously cut off all other possibilities.

When you decide on the best apple in a stack of apples, you immediately forget about all the apples you could have chosen. When you decide to follow Jesus, you lay down all other gods you could worship instead.

I want you to decide to set aside “the book funnel” or the “challenge framework”, or the “book-a-call funnel”, or the “secret ad strategy of the über-successful”, or — God help us — “NFTs, Crypto, and AI”…

And commit to doing this the hard and stupid way.

It is one thing to consider this as yet another small thing you can work on on the side while you “figure everything out”.

I have news for you, and not the good kind. You don’t figure it out. Ever. None of us do. At least, not by trying to.

The only way to figure something out is to be stupid enough to pound on the same rock 300 times in a row, with no indication at all that the rock is going to split, day in and day out, for several weeks, until the dang thing breaks on swing number 301.

Don’t get distracted. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t fall off the boat. Don’t go read 3 more books, buy 2 more courses, or hire another agency.

Cut off all possibilities. Decide to do this until, not if, it works. Logic dictates that if you have enough conversations with enough people who need what you offer, you’ll at least be able to close 1 or 2 of them.

And if you can get 1 conversation, you can get 10. If you can get 1 sale, you can get 10 sales. Seeing that it’s possible are the cracks in the rock. And if you just keep swinging, it will split. And when it does, it’ll be glorious.

So, let’s get to work.

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