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Here is “The 3 Hard Things That Matter in Online Business”

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Nick C.

Fitness Company

We just got the ads up an hour ago – already 4 conversions. They all called and left voicemails.

Every single one of them mentioned the website.

Levi M.

Painting Company

Your designs are working insanely well.
It’s the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen, I think.

Paul M.

CPA & Accounting Consultant

If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, do it. The GrowthMapping process was incredibly insightful and energizing.

Tim’s broad base of knowledge combined with that specific to marketing and web creates a very well-rounded strategy. And of course, his positive energy is very motivational.

Justin W.

Digital Strategy Agency

Tim is a CRAZY conversion specialist who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build high-performing websites.

Jim S.

Premium Coffee Company

Tim and his team made us a LOT of money, saved us a LOT of time, and supercharged our brand & marketing. They took care of everything; studied our business, our customers, & our process.

Overlap Design took all the responsibility, took charge of the project, kept in constant touch… If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, DO IT. It was worth every penny!

J Philip L.

Cleaning Supply Company

Actually it’s an amazing month… broke TWO records yesterday.
1) We exceeded last year’s full-month of August sales, so that means we have four days to increase vs. last year August.
2) By the end of the day sales exceed the all-time record for “largest month of sales” ever, in the history of our company.

Marketing is very effective; sales of machines are HOT.

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It’s free, no pressure, and the best time investment you’ll make this year!

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67 Point Checklist for a World-Class Rebrand

Rebrands are more complicated than a bank heist. A million steps, in just the right order, across 10 different areas of expertise… it’s a fragile, months-long process that will make you want to rip your hair out. Unless… you have a guide.

7 Systems You Need To Grow Your Business Online

After dozens of projects, I kept seeing businesses get disappointing results after hiring a digital agency for branding, web strategy, & digital marketing. Let me show you what your business really needs if you want to grow online.

The 3 Hard Things That Matter In Online Business

Everybody is looking for the magic bullet – and there just ISN’T one. If you are serious, and willing to put in the work to grow your business online, there are really only a few things you need to handle. But they’re hard. But if you win here, you win it all.

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A Quick Overview of Our Process

Our expertise lies in breathing new life into dying and old brands, to the point that they literally sell themselves, because they were designed to attract dream clients. We then craft a stunning and effective website and a marketing plan around that brand. Most of our clients start netting dream projects at dream prices within 30-60 days.



Apply to work with our team, and if there’s a good fit we will get on the phone.


We dive deep into you, your clients, & what you sell, and craft an ideal identity to suit it.

STEP 3) Launch

In 1 Day, we build & launch your custom website & sales funnel, ready to convert.


We get to work on marketing & bringing leads using our Hybrid-Organic system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the main questions that arise when people hear about our process and decide they want to work with us.
What if this is a completely new brand?
That’s actually a good thing! You get to start from scratch and make sure that you get it right on the first go!
What if I don't have any case studies?
If you’re starting a completely new brand or offer, you don’t actually need case studies OR testimonials. Guess what? When I started Overlap Design, we didn’t have any case studies (because we hadn’t taken any clients yet!) The most important things you need are a good offer that is tuned specifically for your market, a brand that matches that offer, and a system to communicate that offer, generate interest and followers, and enroll clients. That’s what we’re here for!

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It’s free, no pressure, and the best time investment you’ll make this year!

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