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BONUS - The Zero-Call Close

Open an entirely new channel for sales without having to jump on a call.

The Sales Environment is constantly shifting and innovating.

  • 5 or 10 years ago, to say that you could close even $10K offers without getting on the phone sounded completely crazy. Getting on a call and being sold into a high ticket offer was kind of a new thing. This method hadn’t really saturated all the markets, this idea of a one-call close. People are teaching a really aggressive and unkind style.
  • I’ve closed $45,000 offers through Facebook Messenger. I’ve closed a $10,000 deal through text. $25,000 deals through email.
  • So, believe me when I tell you that it’s possible to open up a world where sales of your mid-ticket $1,000 thing can all be handled through Email, Messenger, or Text.
  • 15% of people who buy, will buy within the first 90 days. 85% will buy after 90 days. We need to have a system that takes those people into account, and it’s really important to know that it’s difficult to do if you are relying on booking phone calls as your main way of following up with people.
  • We live in an age where people are not delineating as much between a call, a text, and a FB message. People are sending birth announcements with Messenger. The key thing is to make someone feel like you have your full focus and attention on them.

Problems with Phone Sales

  • Let me be clear: the way we do phone sales takes excellent care of people. I’m not knocking phone sales in general. Just the modus operandi and the status quo of what has been going on in the rest of the industry.
  • There are a lot of jaded prospects, who are resentful towards the phone sales system. They know that they’re going to be bullied, pressured, harassed, harangued, and pushed into buying, and so a lot of people. The market is becoming more and more jaded and less likely to get on a phone call.
  • Now, just because people are hesitant to get on a call, that isn’t an indication that they are hesitant to buy.
  • The people who want to get on the phone still get on the phone, but now… if we open up an alternative channel for those individuals to buy in their preferred way, they will in fact buy if the offer is good!
  • This is a major selling point for starting with a Mid-Ticket Offer. If your first point of real, interactive contact with a person is a sales call, that is just about the worst point of entry in today’s world, one of the worst ways to set a good impression from the beginning. But if the first step is a Mid-Ticket offer and people are required to go through that relatively low-priced thing before a high-ticket offer is even a possibility, it’s a much more honest set of conversations you’ll be having, and your incentives can be completely aligned.

Benefits of Non-Phone Sales

  • It’s significantly easier to get consistent results in a channel in which the communication can be pre-scripted and then improved upon (in the same way you would write a sales letter and split-test it!)
    • You can create the answers to questions, common pain points, common objections, and script the best possible version of that thing.
  • It’s the kind of selling that is not only more profitable, but can also make for better clients.

💡 Before we jump in, I want you to recognize something – I’m not going to give you templates. I’m going to give you examples of literal emails that I’ve actually sent, that led to sales like these.

Zero-Call Closing Approaches

  • There are 3 main ways we will consider non-phone sales: Email, Messenger, and text.
  • Email can be both email marketing – in the sense that they’ve opted in to receive regular emails from you and you’re sending them new content all the time – OR it can simply be direct follow-up emails sent to people who reached out to you asking for more information. We’ll call that nurture and follow-up respectively.

The Invitation-Offer Sequence

💡 VERY IMPORTANT → Assume you have an email list of at least 50 people who haven’t bought yet. This can also be done with a retargeting ad aimed at folks on Facebook to whom you’re sending 3-5 Minute Videos. OR it can be posted as a post on LinkedIn or Facebook if you have an organic presence there. It’s just that email is the most natural place to use this.

But, as long as you have:

  1. An audience of prospects who will see this message
  2. A private way of communicating with the interested people

… then you’re off to the races!

The Invitation Email

💡 This is excellent to send out on occasion if you already have an email list, but you can also send this as a retargeting ad to the people you’ve been showing 3-5 Minute Videos to on Facebook!

SUBJECT: Are you taking clients in 2023?

Hey [NAME],

I’m looking for 16 people who want me to personally train, certify, and get clients for them as a Certified Funnel Copywriter starting Feb 1st.

Specifically, I’m looking for:

  • You’re willing and available to take clients in 2023
  • You’ve done some writing before but want to increase your copywriting skills into a high demand, specific ability
  • You are easily coachable, open to feedback, and want to sincerely improve at getting results for clients through writing direct response sales copy
  • You want to learn sales letter writing, emails, and Facebook ad copy
  • You’re willing to follow a system of writing that’s been proven to get conversions
  • You have at least 1 hour per day for 12 weeks starting Feb 1st, 2023
  • You’d like me to directly help you get clients

If that’s you, please hit reply to this email and I’ll send you more info and details on getting started.

We will be starting the Implementation Group asap to refresh our case study count and get early client wins for the new year!


  • Tim

P.S. – Yes, this email is real, and yes, I will reply!

The Offer (Follow-Up) Email

💡 Send to people who hit reply wanting more information as a reply to their email. This is a tailored version of the same information from the “Sales Page” we made in the Implementation Blitz.

Awesome [NAME]!

This is gonna be fun.

So, here’s what we’ll do together in the 12 Week Funnel Copywriter Certification Program:

First, I’m going to personally train you to become a top 10% copywriter for a very specific type of copy that I get client requests for AT LEAST daily.

I’ll help you master the sales letter, follow-up emails, and Facebook ads so you can easily get results for clients who need full funnels written.

Second, I’ll be testing you along the way with a final exam at the end to ensure you meet my standards that I’d be happy to put my name behind your work.

Third, I’ll add you to my Preferred Vendor list where you’re guaranteed to get work (as long as you pass the certification and maintain professionalism). We currently have more than 43 clients in need of a Funnel Copywriter and that number is growing weekly.

If you pass the certification, I will personally make sure you get client work from being on the Preferred Vendor list.

Lastly, I’ll give you tools and show you how to get at least $120,000 in Funnel Copywriting fees in 2023.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s how we’ll pull all of that off:

  1. 12 weeks of weekly pre-recorded trainings.

    On the Friday of each week, I’ll drop the next week’s study materials so you can have the weekend to catch up as well as the following week to implement.

    I will teach you funnel-specific copywriting for:

    • Sales pages
    • Order Bumps
    • Upsells
    • Welcome pages
    • Facebook ads
    • All emails needed for a funnel (welcome, imprinting, nurture, and more)

    You’ll learn fundamental skills like finding the Big Idea, creating compelling angles, and what really matters when it comes to converting ice cold traffic into sales for your clients.

    We will be focusing on the Acquisitions Funnel since that is the primary need of the clients I will connect you with.

  2. Weekly assignments & tests

    Each week I’ll assign you homework with specific exercises that I’ll grade you on so you can improve as you work towards your certification.

    Tests will be announced on Mondays and due each Friday.

  3. Weekly copy review and Q&A

    Each piece that you submit for grading will be deeply reviewed and feedback will be given (by me personally) in public during an extended Q&A / review session.

    Each Thursday evening we’ll gather for 2 – 4 hours on a call to review, discuss, and nerd out about copy.

  4. Small group access

    Beyond just getting feedback from me on the weekly reviews, I’ll check in daily in a small Facebook group to answer any questions. This is also where I will post homework, assignments, and more.

  5. Access to all of my copy training programs I’ve ever created

    To make sure you have ongoing resources once the 12 week certification is over, I will be supplying you with:

    • Email Academy
    • The Sales Letter-Writing System
    • The Fulfilled Writer
    • And a few more resources you can take with you long into your copywriting career.
  6. $120K / Year client-getting training & tools.

    I’ve partnered with one of our staff copywriters here in Overlap Words to put together a toolset which you can use to get clients beyond just the ones I’ll connect you with.

    I’ll also be providing specific training for Funnel Copywriters on how to quickly get to the 6-figure mark (especially this year). We’ll cover all that at the end of the 12 week program.

IMPORTANT: The top 2 copywriters from the program will be offered a long term job with Overlap Words (if they want) as a copywriter. We currently pay $100,000/year starting with bonus payouts to Funnel Copywriters.

The price for the certification, the 12 weeks of coaching, and the guaranteed client work is $5,000. I have partnered with a funding company that can help you get all this for no upfront payment. Details available on request.

We officially start Feb. 1st and this is a first come, first serve enrollment.

If you’d like me to hold your spot just hit reply and let me know you’re interested. Happy to answer any questions you might have!


  • Tim
  • There are only 3 real responses to this invitation.
    1. “Yes I’m in, how do I get started?” – Skip down to “Closing”, give these people an enroll link and record them a little 2-minute Loom video welcoming them into your program!
    2. “Yes, I’m interested, but…” and this represents a hurdle between them and enrolling.
      • Your job here is to understand what those hurdles are so that you can provide tools on how to overcome them. It’s not quite an objection, it’s a hurdle – if you can help them overcome it, they’ll buy from you.
      • There’s a lot of things you could do, depending on how badly you want this person to buy from you. How easily are you going to take their hurdle as a valid excuse?

      Hands Off Examples

      💡 Hey [NAME] – I completely understand.

      The only issue is: if this “needs to get done”, when and how are you going to get it done if we don’t get it done together?

      💡 Hey [NAME] – I completely understand.

      Great questions! We handle that piece specifically in-depth in the third main module of the training. I can’t go into extreme detail; just know that we hear that question all the time and we take it really seriously because you’re definitely not alone in feeling that way.

      Each week, we’ll have audio (and perhaps some video) lessons. Anything tested will be something you have had full access to and plenty of time to review. No trick questions or trying to make anyone fail – I want everyone to be able to pass, so long as they do the work to qualify.

      Are you currently freelancing or ghostwriting?

      Hands On Examples

      💡 Hey [NAME] – I completely understand.

      Frankly, I want you in this program – I will pay for babysitting for you to be able to have the time to enroll and work through things. Forward me receipts and your PayPal and we’ll cover them.

      Yes, I’m serious. Consider this me “putting it in writing”.

      💡 Hey [NAME] – makes sense; I’m going on vacation during the back end of the month, too.

      Frankly, I want you in this program – since I’m the owner and I get to do this kind of thing, I’ll throw in an extra month of a la carte support to cover that extra time you’ll be gone and then some.

      BUT, I can only maintain the current price until the end of the month.


    3. No. Maybe even a rude no.
      • Celebrate these. I’m celebrating that I’ve filtered out somebody who would have been a nightmare if they’d enrolled in some other way. The people who were rude, unqualified, or some other bad fit – they weren’t a good fit! We successfully filtered them!
    4. Nothing → Don’t follow-up too aggressively – it’s better not to chase people.
  • Closing:

    💡 Great! This is going to be so much fun!

    First up, let’s square away payment info: are you planning to pay-in-full, split between payment methods, or use our funding partner?

    💡 OK, awesome – yes, paying that way works. I’ll send you an invoice.

    We are really excited to have you on board!

    Next, can you send over a link to your FB Profile? That’ll make it easier for us to get you added to our Facebook group.

    Last: mark your calendar for a live Q&A Session with me on Feb. 26 @2PM Mountain. We’ll get a little better acquainted and ask me any preliminary questions you might have. Will send over a link shortly.

  • Tips:
    1. Assume that they’re buying.
    2. If somebody is talking to you, they are interested.
    3. As long as they are talking, they are going to buy eventually.
      • Don’t go back and forth with people over sob-stories – people are going to tell you what they’re struggling with, but you should not disempower them by validating that attitude.
      • The proper response is – you have just perfectly articulated why we should work together. All of those reasons you just gave are things we can alleviate by working together.
    4. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver.
    5. Stay in your lane.
      • I won’t say, for example, that a mid-ticket offer will save your marriage. That’s not the problem I’m trying to solve.
    6. Always bring the conversation back to the decision.
      • Include at the end of the emails “Does that make sense? Want me to send the invoice?” or “What do you need to know or see to be able to buy today?”
    7. Say as little as necessary.
      • You’ve already given them the offer. They know what the outcome is. Don’t hype things up or write a bunch of paragraphs. Don’t over-explain. Your job is not to sell anymore… It’s to simply find out who’s ready.
    8. Remember that they are coming to you.
      • You are the one with the solution. You are not there to beg.

The Hybrid Approach

  • You should not consider the sales process as a single channel. You should be following up with email, and text, and messenger, and creating a multi-touchpoint sales campaign.
  • You don’t need to get HubSpot for $3,000 a month. You just need to be intentional.
  • Somebody responds to your LinkedIn Outreach? Shoot them a video and send it over. Find their email address using something like and shoot them a response saying “Thought it would make sense if we connect over here as well – sometimes it’s easier to keep in touch through email. Hope all’s well!”
  • Somebody replies to your Facebook Ad to Messenger? Go find them on LinkedIn, connect, and send them an email. Do they have a public phone number on their LinkedIn Profile? Send them a text! Heck, write their name in big black marker on a piece of paper, and record them a quick Loom and fire that over as an email! This whole process, if done well, can take 5 minutes per prospect.
  • If your goal is to maximize “earnings per prospect”, this is a really important mindset shift. In the beginning, if you have more time than money, you cannot beat intentionality and human touch.
  • Obviously it’s not totally sustainable, either. But if you’re trying to work within the constraints of time and energy you have, this is a great way to go about it.

Messenger-to-Sale instead of Messenger-to-Call

The Messenger-to-Sale approach for Messenger conversations is a bit different from the Messenger-to-Call one we’ve been working with.

In the Messenger-to-Sale approach, you keep working the same process up until the moment that you would ordinarily try to get them to book a 15-Minute call, and you move them in the direction of a sale instead.

Again, we only do this if we’ve got enough conversations going on that we’re OK with a slight dip in conversion rate.

But it looks like this:

  • Record them a short 1 minute audio saying “Hey [NAME], I had a few ideas for how you could [overcome problem they mentioned], and I’ve got a link to something that I think will be really helpful. I threw together some info into a doc, nothing fancy. But if you have any questions for what it could look like to integrate this into your [life / business], any concerns about timing or anything like that, let me know. I think it’d be fun to work with you because of [GENUINE REASON].”
  • Send them a link to your Sales Page you made during the Implementation Blitz.
  • If no response, after ~2 days reply back with “Did you take a look? I’m curious what you think. 😄”
  • If still no response, you can always do the classic “?”, or send a funny GIF. Here are a few of my favorites:


GIPHY search “Millhouse Frisbee”


GIPHY search “Spongebob Alone”


GIPHY search “Cookie Monster Office”

  • A way you can make this even MORE powerful is to record a Video Sales Letter and upload that to your Sales Page. I recommend using something like the Joel Erway Mini-Webinar or something to that effect. One person I know actually just took the offer presentation that they HAD been making on calls, added a few pieces of connective tissue, and created a video explaining the offer that way. If you’ve gotten a ton of feedback on your materials, if you’re doing the 3-5 Minute Videos and you’ve gotten some that resonate, then you actually have a pretty solid basis for explaining what it is that you do. So you can even take your existing Sales Page in Notion, drag a video in there, and use that instead.

Next Steps

Sign in to the Notion Page.

Go to the section corresponding to this Lesson

Fill in the prompts and mark the Task in the Workbook as “Complete”


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