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The GrowthMap

Training Resources

0. Dashboard Tour & Welcome Letter

Get acquainted with all your Resources & the Project as a whole.

1. The Golden Triangle

You, Them, & The Offer of Help

2. You

Taking Care of Your #1 Most Important Asset

3. Them

Truly Loving Your Neighbor

4. Offer - Why Mid-Ticket?

Or, why NOT Low-Ticket or High-Ticket?

5. Offer - Logistics

The Nuts & Bolts of WHAT You’ll Deliver

6. Offer - Messaging & Hooks

How to SPEAK about what you do.

7. The 2 Ethical Client-Generating Methods

Outsourced Organic Outreach or Primed Content Ads?

8. The Implementation Blitz

Building the Assets, then launching either OOO or PCA!

9. KPIs & Troubleshooting

The home stretch – how will we know if it’s working?

CONCLUSION: What to do after $10,000?

Improving your marketing, sales, & fulfillment for scale.

BONUS: The Zero-Call Close


BONUS: Tools under $50 worth $5,000.


BONUS: Want us to build it all for you?

Learn more about the GrowthLaunch System.


Here’s a Look at What’s Included

Listen, let’s be honest: we’ve designed this program to give you clarity on how to solve the few hard things that really matter for growing a scalable services business in 2023. It’s not complicated, but it’s also not easy – or everyone would be doing it!

Information usually isn’t enough to solve the problem for most people. That’s why you see smoking doctors and lawyers in jail: information just isn’t enough.

You need help with application, and access to people building the same thing you are.

When you join the GrowthMap, You’ll Get:


1. Lifetime Access to the Overlap Design "GrowthMap Training Center"

… which you can share with your team members or follow yourself to start implementation immediately. The videos are lightweight, actionable, and direct. No fluff, no distractions. Just what you need to do to succeed.

2. A Step-by-Step Actionable “GrowthMap Workbook”

… that guides you through exactly what to do and when – we don’t allow the content to just “stay in your head” – you must get it out and start implementing.

Worksheets to fill in. Questions to answer. Names to ideate.

I’m going to have you compile all of these down into a single document – we’re calling that the “GrowthMap Workbook”. This gives myself and the rest of the team a “single point of contact” upon which we can focus our questions and our approach.

3. An in-depth 90-Minute “GrowthMap Session” Consultation

… this is when we actually iron out all the kinks and customize a battle plan for your specific scenario to get you up to $20K / mo.+

The “meeting of the minds” is what is going to make this a special partnership. Now, we need to get EVERYTHING out on the table & decide on the best path forward together.

Essentially, we’ll spend the first half-hour asking a hundred uncomfortable questions to bring out the rough-cut diamonds from the depths of your business, your personality, your clients, and everything else relevant to your business.

Then, we’ll spend the second half-hour setting a confident plan of attack for executing that clear roadmap and walking through the various pieces necessary to make it all happen.

The rest of the call will be for addressing questions or specific points of emphasis that came up in the first hour.

Once we’re off the call, my team and I will circle up for the last part:

4. "The GrowthMap Document" - a customized, battle-tested game-plan with your specific next steps and recommendations from our team.

This is where we actually compile everything – the entire culminating process up to this point – and distill it down into a battle-tested roadmap for you to go out and execute.

It’ll include the exact playbook, our findings, the materials we’ll recommend, tools we recommend that you use, resources — everything.

This includes a summary of the GrowthMap Session, as well as a recording – but it’s a lot more than that. My team and I go off on our own to discuss our conversation with you, researching the state of your industry and what’s working best – tweaking and honing everything we’ve discussed to your exact situation, complete with our up-to-the-minute recommendations.

It’s your personal companion to all of the trainings and materials, and the process which we help you uncover, that gives you a path tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses for accomplishing exactly what needs to be done to move forward from $20K / mo. to $40K, $60K, and beyond – while showing you what you need to have running in order to get your time freedom back.

The bottom line is that you will know exactly what to do and be empowered with everything you need to actually go out and do it ! We will train you , give you the materials , assess those materials on an intensive session , and craft a concrete plan on your behalf with specific recommendations for what to do next to get to where you’re trying to go!
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