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Hey, this is Tim Barber from Overlap Design, and I’ve got a quick question for you. Do you want us to help you straight up replace your free strategy sessions with a 1500 no brainer offer that your dream prospects just can’t say no to? What if we offered to handcraft your genius into an easy to deliver, easy yes, Shiny object offer and package it up with a simple and effective sales page so you can start getting sales in hours rather than weeks.

So you can add either your first 20 40k a month or even an extra 20 40k a month to your business, so you can focus on enjoying your life and serving your clients. Instead of wasting time and money trying to do it all yourself. By which I mean, managing a Facebook group, posting daily across social media, chasing prospects into the messenger DMs, hiring setters and closers, booking 50 sales calls a month, and stressing to death trying to keep up with a group coaching program.

But before I tell you more about this opportunity to work with us, in case you’ve never heard of us before, Here’s a quick 30 second introduction of who we are. My name is Tim Barber, and I run Overlap Design. I’m a pastor, an author, and an entrepreneur. I also happen to be one of the foremost marketing and design experts in the industry today.

Our team has built and consulted on more than 100 expert businesses, their brands, their offers, their websites, across 20 different industries. And during that time, we’ve managed to help our clients generate over 8 figures from our work together, and that number is growing every single day. Our proven track record of success is the reason why companies like Google and YouTube, yes, as clients, all the way to solopreneurs, e commerce stores, and coffee shops come to us for help with their offers, their websites, and their marketing.

Now, if you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or service provider who’s serious about dramatically simplifying your client acquisition while netting more profit, Then this might be the most important presentation you watch all year, because in the next few minutes you’re going to discover the revolutionary new GrowthMap system our clients are using to quickly add 30k a month to their business.

And by the end of this little presentation, you’ll understand exactly how we plan on helping you with this new GrowthMap system to scale your business faster. Now, you probably already know this, but the reason that this new system is so important So revolutionary is because your offer can make or break your business.

What you sell matters so much more than how you sell it, right? And if you’ve been online for more than a week, you already know that. But the problem is that common sense is not common practice, and most people don’t know how to craft an offer that their prospects salivate over. Not to mention that it takes a lot of time and energy to come up with something and test it.

Right? And even if you do get it all launched, it’s hard to get it to work, let alone hit a home run. So most people end up spending a lot of time and money trying to get their offer right or worse, they skip it and they go right to the "sexy stuff that they think will solve all their problems.

Funnels, chatbots, NFTs, God help us all, super advanced organic and paid marketing strategies, low ticket, high ticket, which is a massive Shiny distraction that leads you down a long and painful path to certain doom. However, this new little known GrowthMap system is a shortcut around all that. It’s the fastest method we’ve discovered to quickly add an extra 30k a month to our client’s bottom line.

Generate them 3 5 hyperqualified leads at least every single day without getting distracted by complex marketing systems, automations, freebies, lead magnets, chatbots, or webinars. And I’m going to reveal the exact details and what makes this so different from all the other complicated "Digital Marketing Models" in just a minute.

Because first I need to give you an overview of why this new GrowthMap system works so well.

See, this industry has been flooded with complicated business models for so long that we’ve forgotten there’s anything else. So rather than selling a 500 or 1, 000 course or service with hour long weekly live webinar presentations or having to invest tens of thousands in paid traffic trying to get an evergreen low ticket tripwire ascension model to work or hiring a sales staff and client success coaches to run your bloated group coaching program.

What if we could sidestep all of those problems and just do it simply from the beginning the right way, right? When I first started, I fell victim to all the shiny objects. I enrolled in all the major programs you’ve probably heard about. I tried the next big thing probably 12 times. I did high ticket with strategy sessions, low ticket with upsells, and a high ticket back end.

I tried Facebook ads and YouTube ads. I did high ticket group coaching and super complicated and manipulative. Organic and messenger strategies and chatbots and the list goes on and on. I never made enough in all that time to reach that escape velocity. It was always so complicated that rather than freedom and "never needing to worry about my business again", I was experiencing serious burnout, emotionally struggling and stuck in a complicated prison rather than a thriving simple business.

So I burned it all to the ground. I fired my team, deleted my website, cleared my schedule, cleaned off my entire whiteboard, put in the headphones, and locked my office door for a struggle sesh. And yes, I say things like sesh, so I hope that doesn’t bother you. I was done working 10 hour days and grinding my face into the asphalt to eek out a living.

Wasn’t this supposed to be fun? I got raw and real. I never wanted to run a big business. There was always so much more to it than that. What I really wanted was the enjoyment in my business. I wanted the freedom and the lifestyle that I thought owning a business would afford me.

So after four hours, I walked out of my office, literally sweating, with a 3×5 notecard that saved my business.

I called it the Golden Triangle. I’ve kept it all these years. This is a picture of it right there. We’ll get to what’s on there in just a moment. See, what I had done… was develop a unique, simple, minimalist client acquisition process that generates multiple 5 figures a month and more without a team in less than 30 hours a week.

This new system is entirely about speed and simplicity. It strips out everything that doesn’t matter so that you can focus on the foundation, the engine, the reactor core powering your entire business. First, literally everything else in business is built on top of the golden triangle. Your brand, your sales copy, your marketing, your tools, your fulfillment, your automations, your philosophy, everything.

When you get the golden triangle right, it’s like a cheat code, supercharging your lead generation, your sales, and your marketing, meaning you have to do less marketing, less lead generation, fewer sales calls, and less fulfillment to get to 40k a month. When you get the golden triangle wrong… You’re playing on hard mode.

You might succeed in some things with some hustle and some grit, but you’ve got a cracked foundation, and sooner or later, it’s all coming down. So if you’re looking for stable, repeatable 40k months as fast, as simply, and as stress free as possible, keep watching. It’s time to show you how you can use this new system in your business. So to start out, let me explain what we call the Golden Triangle. A three point foundation is the most stable foundation possible.

Think of a tripod for a camera, right? If a tripod had more than three legs, it would be less stable. In the same way, if we try to jam a bunch of Things in at the "foundation of our business, we make the thing less stable. So what properly sits at the foundation? Prepare yourself because this is dead stupid simple, and it will sound super obvious.

You ready? The foundation of every business is a you offering a what and a how to a who. A person makes an offer to a target market. That’s it. Presentation over. Not really. Stick around, please. But think about this. Those three things form the basis of your business, and if this foundation is strong, you can build a skyscraper on top of it.

You can’t have a hot dog stand without a vendor, a customer, and some hot dogs. All the marketing in the world won’t help you if you don’t have hot dogs to sell. It sounds so simple, but the devil, as always, is way down deep. In the details. Just because it’s simple, that doesn’t make it easy. All three parts of this foundation need to be totally, completely, synergistically aligned.

If one of the legs is wobbly, the whole thing falls. But if all three legs are solid, there is no better foundation. So what is our process for dialing this in and getting it right?

We’re only a few minutes into this video and I’m literally going to give you the entire secret process. I’m literally giving you the keys to the kingdom right now.

The whole GrowthMap system. on one page. Are you ready? Define the type of work you love to do to get clients. Help them solve one specific problem in around two hours. Highlight the desire triggers and immediate felt needs and start the conversation with those first. Make changes to your offer to meet their needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Package it all into one automated conversion asset and quickly take it to the market at a mid price point. Get binary, that is, yes or no, feedback and make Any necessary adjustments. Once it’s refined, present your no brainer offer and onboard your client over the DMs, a sales page, or a 15 minute call, collect your high ticket fee in full, and fist bump them for enrolling.

Solve the one problem in around two hours and upgrade them into the next thing, or let the client go if it’s not worth your energy. Rinse and repeat. Then build your brand, marketing, systems, team, and automation on top of this ridiculously simple system once you’ve cracked 40K a month. That was the easy part.

The hard part is doing it.

So step one is all about crafting the perfect offer. When we’re helping our clients develop their offers, we’re focused on making their offer as simple and clear as possible. Don’t try and be creative here. Focus on the most desired outcome you provide for your best clients in only a couple of hours.

How you deliver it doesn’t really matter at this point. Then, You need to put that offer in front of those people. That’s it. No fancy funnel, no hour long webinar, no freebie or low ticket ascension model. When you do this right, you’ll have a powerful message which gets the right people to take action, and then you’ll filter out the tire kickers and the freebie seekers because people know you’re offering them something.

You’ll repel the bad fits automatically. You’ll be able to make more sales because you’re not wasting time speaking with everyone and their grandma because the people know you’re offering them something and they want to buy it because of what I’m about to show you in step two. This is that usual, uh, give them something for free up front model flipped on its head.

And since it’s fully transparent that you’re making them an offer, people appreciate it much more. Why on earth is the offer so important? Let’s dig a little deeper here. Here’s an example. For a limited time you can come over to my house Scrub my toilets and pay me 150 for the privilege. No funnel, no marketing, no email list, no sales page, and no copy is going to get somebody to take you up on that offer.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig. And you can’t build a business on a bad offer. Here’s a better offer. Come over to my house. In my garage are gold bars stacked to the ceiling. I need them out of here because I’m going to build a rock wall for my son. If you bring pizza and you can move them yourself.

They’re yours. I don’t have to be fancy to sell that offer. No website necessary, no big marketing funnels, no convincing, no persuading, maybe a picture of the actual gold bars for the skeptics in the back, but nothing else. Nobody’s giving away gold bars, that’s crazy. But you want your offer to feel as close to that level of value as possible.

While making sense for both sides. And when you do, marketing and sales is as simple as telling the truth about what you can do, who it’s for, and what results you can get. Another reason that the first step should be an offer is that it gets a binary response. It’s either yes or no. I don’t need that, and there’s nothing in between.

Imagine building a 10 step funnel and creating all the material for all the products and order bumps and upsells, only to find out afterward that people don’t want what you’re selling. Now imagine making that offer to 100 people who you think it’s a good fit for, directly after you came up with it, and then hearing, no thanks, no thanks.

from the beginning. You go back to the drawing board and try again in 30 minutes, not a month of writing and rewriting and re recording before you can give it another shot. It’s all about positioning. Most of the time, we don’t even have to make a change to the way our clients deliver their offer. We just have to change the way that they talk about it.

Most of our clients think that they need to sell the dream heavenly scenario in order to get high ticket clients. That’s not true. You need to solve a big Pressing problem that they want to be free from. A drowning man doesn’t care about your vacation package. He just wants the dry land and he needs somebody to extend a hand and pull him into the boat.

You don’t need to take them to heaven with your first offer. You just need to get them out of hell first. And preferably, if you can do it in one or two hours for less than 3, 000 bucks. Here’s the thing. All of the other gurus will tell you that you can only sell based on pain. And that’s true, at first.

But once you’ve resolved the first, most immediate want, then you have their complete attention. And now you can start to move. toward the dream for them. You can help them to aspire to something. Once they’re in the boat, they’re looking deep into your eyes and now they will listen when you offer to tell them how to get that vacation package because you saved them and you brought them out of their misery.

Last point before we move on. When it comes to pricing, Go for what’s called mid ticket. What on earth does that mean? Low ticket, between nothing and 497, needs a high ticket backend just to be profitable. If you’re selling a 7 ebook that costs 10 to sell on Facebook ads, or a 47 challenge that enrolls people for 60 on YouTube ads, you’re losing money unless you get them to buy something else with it.

For most folks, that’s already too complicated. High ticket, which is 3, 000 plus in my view, needs to be sold over a sales call, which you can do yourself if you want to, but before long, you’re going to need to hire appointment setters and sales closers in order to profit, and all of this introduces a lot of complication.

Mid ticket, on the other hand, between 497 and 1997, somewhere in the middle, right, just needs a good, low friction, Easy yes offer and a few dozen people who want it. And then if you want, you can accelerate them and ascend them up into a high ticket offer afterwards. But mid ticket is where you should start for these no brainer offers.

So here’s a quick example of the results you can get from this step when you get this right.

Here’s a client of ours in the marketing space who had a course he wanted to sell for 500 through a webinar. Great, right? Anyways, after working with him to simplify and restructure his offer into a perfect high ticket offer, raising the price to 1, 500 while we were at it, by the way, we were able to instantly bring him from 0 to 25k a month with paid traffic in the first month.

Since then, he’s gone on to scale his offer and even hired a phone sales team. All from this concept of just making the right offer at the right time at the beginning.

Now, if you want us to personally help you craft your perfect easy yes no brainer offer, then keep watching, because I’m going to explain more about this incredible opportunity to work with us here at Overlap Design so you can see what this step would look like for you and your business in your offer.

But after we get the offer dialed in, step two is to identify what we call the desire triggers. The desire trigger is like a hinge. It’s a small fulcrum that opens big doors. It’s the focal point for your offer. The simple thing that people instantly say, I need that yesterday. They just get it. It isn’t the same thing as your offer and it’s not just the benefits either.

The desire trigger forms the seedbed of all of your marketing for the offer. So when you do this right, it makes your messaging, your sales copy, and your conversions and conversations. Easy, low pressure and smooth as butter because your client comes to you knowing what you sell and already salivating over it.

There’s no super complex upsell, downsell, tripwire, spaghetti funnel with paid traffic that turns into a big mess, which is what our clients love most about this system. It’s simple, there’s no tech overwhelm, and your marketing basically just amounts to telling the truth about something your clients desperately need.

Either they buy happily and you’re off to the races, or they say no and they leave never to bother you again until they need it. If you find that a desired trigger falls flat, then you can make tweaks and changes in like 30 minutes and then run the offer back out there to see what sticks. Sometimes, the thing that they are up in the middle of the night with a knot in their stomach worrying over isn’t the thing that you thought it would be.

But as soon as you figure out what that is, as soon as you uncover the demand triggers, You want to be ready with an offer to take away their suffering. For example, another client of ours we worked with was in the machine learning space, so he came to us with an idea for an offer that was ridiculously complicated, as you might imagine with machine learning.

We took them through our process, developed their 2 hour, 1500 offer around the desire trigger, crafted a quick sales page around the desire trigger we discovered, and the first day leads came pouring in for less than 10. Each I believe today they’re getting somewhere around 20 bucks now, which is just still incredible.

Anyways, after we help our clients develop their offer and create a desire trigger to turn any cold lead into a hot lead in record time, the next step we do for our clients is to create a quick and effective sales page. You can get a simple, professional, beautiful looking sales page without any tech stuff or website registration or hosting without paying for funnel software or 14 day trials that you forget to cancel.

Using three tools so simple that a chimp can do it, powered by the sales copy, the desire trigger, and the offer. When you do this right, you can get in front of ideal buyers with a totally free sales page that looks like you paid 5 grand to get it, designed, written, built, and launched.

And you can get immediate feedback. The results of this type of system are absolutely incredible. For example, another client of ours who was selling coaching used to get people on the phone who weren’t qualified or didn’t show up to the calls. Today, people are showing up, ready to buy, some of them buy on the page, and the ones who hop on the phone, most of the calls are just a few minutes, phone in one hand and credit card in the other.

Over the span of two months, he has sold over 150, 000 in coaching programs. Without chasing leads around. So, real quick, let’s go over the process that we’ll use to help you out. In Step 1, we help you craft the perfect, no brainer, easy yes to our 1500 offer, so you’re attracting the right people and not any freebie seekers or tire kickers.

Then in Step 2, we identify the desired triggers and write a focused, effective sales copy message for you that turns leads from cold to hot in record time. Then, in step 3, we package it into an automated conversion asset, a sales page, that quickly closes sales for you without the headache, namely the headache of a complicated tech setup or ascension funnels.

Plus, we even manage all the tech and optimization for you. So if you want to stop wasting time and money trying to do it yourself, wrestling with the devil in the details, And you’d rather have us build and launch one of these proven GrowthMap systems for you so you can focus on enjoying life and serving your clients and add an extra 20 40k a month to your business instead of wasting time and money trying to do it all yourself, then fill out the application on this page And speak with our team so we can figure out if we’re a good fit. We’ll personally help you understand what this type of system, like the Golden Triangle and the GrowthMap, could look like for your business. And if you decide you’d like to work with us personally, we will craft your perfect offer with you, identifying all the desire triggers.

Write and build your automated sales page for you, set up all the tech, launch and optimize this system, and get you 3 5 hyper qualified leads at least every single day, month after month, who are pre framed and have the money to buy both your upfront 1500 no brainer offer and your high ticket back end offers, so you can add an extra 20 40k a month to your bottom line.

And from what we’ve seen, a very limited amount of people know about this GrowthMap system or anything like it. So, you’re one of the first to hear about it. Which means the opportunity is huge, because this type of system is working way better than anything else right now. This system is working for seasoned coaches and consultants to add an extra 20k a month to their bottom line, and newbies getting to 20k a month for the first time.

But because of the nature of this offer, our agency can only work with a handful of clients at a time. And this is a HOT offer. Every time we open up this offer, it fills up fast. I’ve seen my business partner make a single post on his Facebook page about this and people go nuts. So if you want everything I said in this video, then start filling out the application below right now before your spot gets taken by the other people on this page right now.

And if you’re seeing this video right now, that means that there are spots open. So one last time, fill out the application form on this page now, and we look forward to seeing your testimonial with the incredible results you’ve gotten from working with us. Thank you so much. See you on the other side.

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