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Welcome to the 30 Days to 20K Christian Coaching Workshop. I’m thrilled you’re here. whether you’re a coach, a consultant, an agency owner, course creator, or some other kind of service provider, we’re thrilled you’re here.

it says coaching in the title, but this is for any and all of you serving others through the gifts and talents that the Lord has given to you. So how many of you. would like to learn how to quickly launch a coaching business, get some immediate sales, and scale to 20k a month within 30 days?

Now when I show you how to quickly launch a coaching business, get some immediate sales, and scale to 20k a month within 30 days, how many of you are going to actually do it? Okay, if you can commit to that, Give yourself a hand, right? Commitment to the concept is the first and biggest hurdle. You need to believe it’s possible and then the path becomes attainable for you.

Okay. So here’s what we’re going to be covering in this presentation today.

First things first, we’re going to go over what I call the golden triangle, which is how we dial in the three most important aspects of a 20k coaching business. If you don’t believe me, just wait. It’s very, very simple. Then we’re going to go over the two ethical client generating methods. How to find your dream clients right now without a funnel, a website, a big social media following, an email list, or a bunch of automated technology.

Then we’re going to pivot into the super simple selling assets that you need to get to 20k a month. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how we get our own private clients professional looking sales materials with no professional branding work yet. Right? Some of you think you need a website and top shelf branding to find clients and get to 20k.

Take it from a brand and web expert, you most certainly do not. Then we’re going to pivot into a discussion around the Biblical story of work, how the Bible really changes everything. Okay, so some of you don’t know this, but I’m a Bible teacher. I have a whole discipleship ministry centered around living with an eternal perspective.

I’ve written a 270 page theological book called The Overlap Life, which was called by one of the people who read it, The Message That Will Be at the Root of the Next Great Awakening. I’m a Hebrew and Greek scholar, and nothing matters more to me than faithfully representing the Bible as it is, and the God of the Bible as HE is.

I’m not into the prosperity gospel, or wonky theology, or faulty hermeneutics, or twisting the words of Jesus to make them mean something other than he meant them to. And then the last thing that we’re going to cover is a cool opportunity that you’re going to hear about later.

I’m going to address the elephant in the room right now, right up front. How many of you have ever been in a room or on a webinar, a workshop or something, and you had somebody stand up there pretending to teach you something while the whole time they’re just trying to really sell you something?

Right? Who, who’s experienced that? I definitely have. This ain’t that. Okay. Full disclosure. I do have an offer for you. I’m going to make you an offer at the end, but my honest to God goal is to teach you more to get you unstuck in this 45 minutes to an hour or so. Then you’ve probably gotten from the last 3, 000 coaching program you joined.

Okay. At the end of this training, the reason you buy, if you buy is going to be that you don’t want the learning to stop. I’m not going to talk you into it at all. If you ask me, Tim, why should I buy? I’ll say you probably shouldn’t. The people who are ready are going to know that they’re ready. The offer I’m going to make you is $6,997.

So here’s your job. You’ve already sat aside this time to be here. Why don’t you listen and learn? and evaluate on your own whether what I have to offer is worth $6,997, but I’ll let you decide. And in the meantime, I’m not trying to convince you to buy, I’m trying to show you what to do and how, in detail, for free.

Fair enough? Fair enough. The bottom line is that with this system and this approach, you can quickly reach doctor money without any of the overly complicated tools, systems, and approaches the gurus say you need. That way, you can reach escape velocity in your business sooner and hire out whatever it takes you to get to the next level.

Because if you can reach 20k… You have the freedom and the finances to pay for great branding or to pay for a great website or ghostwrite a book or, you know, whatever it is, which means you can pay for the help to get where you’re going rather than doing it all yourself. In fact, I have a client, in terms of what this actually looks like, who escaped his multi hour commute through LA traffic.

Okay? Three, sometimes as much as three or four hours in a day just in the car by recording his program in the car with noise canceling headphones and paying a VA to find folks who needed his help. He lives in Hawaii now. I have a client who also completely got rid of their done for you one on one client work because he was able to sell the program I helped him create to half a million and beyond every single year.

Right? He’s amazing. I keep telling him to take on, done for you clients and he doesn’t want to, because he doesn’t have to. He gets to spend that time doing what he would like to, with his time rather than having to do what he has to. I have another client who launched an offer with no website.

And no list, and no following, and got five clients, recorded her sessions, and then turned it all into a book that she then turned into a funnel. But all of this, she was doing 70 hour weeks with her one on one client work charging, like, almost nothing. So, this is really key. Once you’re at 20K. The world is your oyster, right? You can optimize for more time, more money, or more freedom once you get there.

We can honestly help you find out what to do after 20k as well, you know, whether you should be going for a low or high ticket, what should you automate, when, how, all of those questions.

But the key is that if you can clear 20k, Right? Then all the world opens up to you. None of those other things matter if you can’t get the ball rolling first, right? We need to break through to something working before we try to systematize. Otherwise, you’re just trying to soup up an engine that’s not even running right.

Now, before we get too far down the road, I have to get you on board with a few things. I’m going to challenge commonly held beliefs about marketing and sales. You can make the data say anything if you torture it enough. And my contemporaries in the marketing space, they’ve been pitching a bill of goods for a long time and I’m done tolerating it.

In fact, my goal is to make absolutely everything for you very, very simple. You’re going to hear me speak, and you’re going to see how simple this can be, and you’re going to look to make it complicated. Do not complicate it. Do not add to what I’m going to show you. Let it be simple, because simple scales, while complicated, fails.

First, we’re going to start with the Golden Triangle. Now listen, I’ve been doing this for 10 years, more than 10 years, and I need you to know that when, when I started, I was a train wreck in, in business. I overthought everything.

I enrolled in all the major programs you’ve probably heard about. I did the next big thing. Whatever that was, probably 12 times, right? I did high ticket with strategy sessions, low ticket with upsells and a high ticket backend. I tried Facebook groups and high ticket group coaching and super complicated and manipulative messenger strategies and chatbots.

And you know, the list goes on. I never made enough. to reach that escape velocity that I was looking for. And it was also complicated that rather than the freedom and that, you know, never needing to worry about my business again, I was experiencing serious, serious burnout. Emotionally struggling, stuck in a complicated prison, rather than a thriving, simple business.

So, I burned it all to the ground. I fired my team, I deleted my website, I cleared my schedule, I cleaned off my entire whiteboard, I popped in the headphones, I locked my office door for a struggle sesh. And yes, I say things like sesh, so I hope that doesn’t bother you. I was done. I was just done working 10 hour days and grinding my face into the asphalt just to eke out a living.

I wanted this to be fun. I got into this game because staring at the walls of a cubicle for eight hours a day wasn’t cutting it, right? And I wanted this to be something that supported my ability to follow what God had for me and to become who God wanted me to be for my family, for the people who stood to gain the most from my skill set.

and not to struggle through life broke as a joke and ready to choke, right? So here’s what I did. I got raw. I got real. I never wanted to run a big business. That was, you know, there was always so much more to it than that. What I really wanted was enjoyment in my business. I wanted the freedom and the lifestyle that I thought a business would afford me, right?

After four hours of struggle, I walked out of my office literally sweating. With a 3×5 note card that saved my business, I called it the Golden Triangle. And that’s a picture of it right there. I’ve kept it all these years. Let’s get to what’s on there in just a moment.

See, what I had done was I developed a unique and simple, minimalist really, client acquisition system that generates, you know, multiple five figures a month and more without a team in less than 30 hours a week. But this whole system is all about speed and simplicity. It strips out absolutely everything that doesn’t matter, so that you can focus on the foundation, the engine, the reactor core that’s powering your entire business first.

Literally everything else in business is built on top of the golden triangle. Your brand, your sales copy, marketing, tools, fulfillment, automations, everything. When you get the golden triangle right, it’s like a cheat code, supercharging your lead generation, your sales, and your marketing. Meaning, you have to do less marketing, less lead gen, fewer sales calls, and less fulfillment to get to 20k or even 40k a month.

When you get the golden triangle wrong, you’re playing on hard mode. Like you might succeed in some things, you might get a little bit of traction with some hustle and some grit, but you’ve got a cracked foundation and sooner or later, it’s all coming down. So, what I’m about to show you how you can do is to use this new approach in your own business to get to 20k a month. I’m leading right into it. This is the golden triangle. It’s simple. You ready? The foundation of every business is a you. Offering a what and a how to a who. A person making an offer to a target market.

That’s it. Presentation over. Not really. But think about this. Those three things form the basis of your business. And if this foundation is strong, you can build a skyscraper on top of it. Right? You can’t have a hot dog stand without a vendor, a customer, and some hot dogs. All the marketing in the world won’t help you if you don’t have hot dogs to sell.

It sounds so simple, but the devil, as always, is way down deep in the details. Just because it’s simple, that doesn’t make it easy. All three parts of this foundation need to be totally, completely, synergistically aligned. And if one of the legs is wobbly, the whole thing falls. But if all three legs are solid…

There is no better foundation. So, what’s our process for dialing in all of these things and getting it right? We’re only a few minutes into this video and I’m literally going to give you the entire secret process. I’m literally going to give you the keys to the kingdom right now.

It starts with knowing yourself. Okay, what is your assignment? Who are you? What is your mindset? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you doing what you’re doing just to make money? Or do you legitimately feel called to do it? We’re going to dive into this in the Biblical teaching section of this presentation.

It’s going to be great. Stay with me. Once you’re completely dialed in with yourself and who God made you to be, it moves on to deeply, intimately knowing the people who stand to gain the most from the way that you can help, the help that you can offer to them, okay, and I mean knowing them well enough you could make the right decision for them. You need to know them so well that you could literally, you could tell them the ongoing internal monologue running 24 7 inside their head better than they can, okay? I’m going to say that again. You need to know them so well that you can articulate the ongoing internal monologue running 24 7 inside their heads better than they can because people frankly don’t care what you know until they know that you care Right?

And you demonstrate that you care by listening and speaking their language rather than making them accommodate to yours Got it? So, how many of you are with me on this so far? It’s simple, it might even feel like common sense, but frankly, common sense just isn’t common practice. So once you get those two things dialed in, let’s come up with an offer of help that effortlessly bridges the gap between your skill set and calling and their problems and pains.

Right? Your offer can make or break your business. Let’s, let’s dive deep into this for a minute. What you sell matters so much more than how you sell it. And if you’ve been online for more than a week, you probably already know that. But like I said earlier, the problem is that common sense is not common practice.

And most people don’t know how to craft an offer that their prospects salivate over. So, not to mention that the old way takes a lot of time and energy to come up with something and then test it. I mean, even a couple of years ago, the common idea was that you had to get up thousands of dollars worth of advertising runway just to run to your webinar and test before you even got on sales calls and then after you got on the sales calls, then you would know if people wanted your offer.

So, that way, even if you do get it all launched, it’s hard to get it to work, let alone hit a home run with it. So, most people end up spending a ton of time and money trying to get their offer right in a vacuum, or worse, they skip that and just go right to the quote sexy stuff that they think will solve all their problems.

Right? Funnels. Chatbots, NFTs, God help us all, Super Advanced Organic and Paid Marketing Strategies, AI Setters, Low Ticket, High Ticket, any, all of these little hacks and tactics employed without a broader strategy, right? The things that the gurus sell their, their low ticket products, teaching you how to do.

All of that is a massive, shiny object, addictive distraction, right? That leads you down a long and painful path to certain doom. So… If you’re with me so far, you rec that’s how we got into this mess. So how do we do this the right way? First things first, step one is all about crafting that perfect offer for the people who need it.

When we’re helping our clients develop their offers, we’re focused on really helping them make it as simple and clear as possible. Don’t try to be creative here. Focus on their most desired outcome and, you know, in only a couple of hours ideally. How you deliver it doesn’t matter at this point. And then, you need to put that offer in front of people.

That’s it, really, no fancy funnel, no hour long webinar, no freebie or low ticket ascension model. That is the goal. But when you can do this right, and in a systematic way, you’re going to have a powerful message which gets the right people to take action. You won’t be hiding the fact that you’re making them an offer. All those tire kickers and freebie seekers are going to be filtered out immediately and you’ll be able to make more sales because you’re not wasting time speaking with everyone and their grandma because the people know you’re offering them something, okay?

And they are either going to want to buy it or not want to buy it because of what I’m about to show you in Step 2. This is the usual, give them something for free up front model flipped on its head. And since it’s fully transparent that you’re making them an offer, people will appreciate it much more as long as they’re in your market.

And you don’t need to talk to everybody in your market at first. You need to talk to the people who are ready for you. So, why on earth is the offer so important? Okay, here’s an example. For a limited time, you can come over to my house, scrub my toilets, and pay me 150 for the privilege.

Right? No funnel, no marketing, no email list, no sales page, and no copy is going to get somebody to take you up on that offer. You can’t put lipstick on a pig, you can’t polish a turd, and you can’t build a business on a bad offer. Here’s a better offer. Come over to my house. In my garage are gold bars stacked to the ceiling.

I need them out of here because I’m going to build a rock wall for my kid, but if you bring pizza and you can move them yourself, they’re yours. I don’t have to be fancy to sell that offer. No website necessary, no big marketing funnels, no convincing, no persuading, maybe a picture of the actual gold bars for the skeptics in the back, but nothing else.

Now, nobody’s giving away gold bars, that’s crazy, but you want your offer to feel as close to that level of value as possible, while still making sense for both sides. And when you do, marketing and sales is as simple as telling the truth about what you can do, who it’s for, and what results you can get.

These get a binary response. It’s either, yes, how do I start or no, I don’t need that. And there’s nothing in between. I just imagine building a 10 step funnel, right? Where you create all this material for all the products and all the order bumps and all the upsells, only to find out afterward that people don’t want what you’re selling.

Right? Now imagine making that offer to a hundred people who you think it’s a good fit for and then hearing no thanks from every one of them. All that time was wasted and you can never get it back. But on the other hand, on this approach, you go back to the drawing board and try again in 30 minutes. Not a month of writing and rewriting your sales page and your webinar, re recording it, right?

It’s all about positioning. Most of the time, if our clients have a great offer structure in place already, we don’t even have to make a change to the way our clients deliver their offer, just how they talk about it. Right? Most of our clients think that they need to sell sort of this dream heavenly scenario in order to get clients.

That’s just not true. You just need to solve a big, pressing problem that they want to be free from. A drowning man doesn’t really care about your vacation package. He just wants dry land. And he needs somebody to kind of extend the hand and pull him out of the water and into the boat. You don’t need to take them to heaven with your first offer, you just need to get them out of hell first.

And preferably if you can do it in one or two hours for less than two thousand dollars, right? Here’s the thing, all the other gurus will tell you that you can only sell based on pain, and that’s true, But once you’ve gotten them sort of out of their hellish scenario, resolved that first most important immediate want, then you’ve got their complete attention and now you can start to move them toward The dream, right?

Once they’re in the boat, they’re looking into the eyes of their rescuer, and then they’re gonna listen when you offer to tell them how to get into that fancy hotel. Right? Last point before we move on. When it comes to pricing, go for mid ticket, right? Low ticket is usually between zero and about 500.

That needs a high ticket back end just to be profitable. If you’re selling a $7 ebook and it costs you $10 to sell on Facebook ads, or a $47 challenge that enrolls people for 60 bucks on YouTube ads, you’re losing money. Unless you get them to buy something else with it. For most folks, that’s already too complicated.

That requires sales funnel technology, one click upsells, order bumps, checkout, all these different things. And you got to get the messaging dialed in and you got to create the product first. High ticket needs to be sold over a sales call. I consider high ticket pretty much anything over 3k. There’s sort of different places people draw that line.

You can do this yourself if you want to. But before long, you’re going to need to hire appointment setters and sales closers in order to profit. And that’s not saying anything about actually fulfilling on high ticket. High ticket almost always means done for you, which almost always means low capacity, which usually if you’re by yourself means you have two or three bosses rather than the one boss if you just worked at some company.

Mid ticket, which I’m positioning is basically between this 500 to 2k range. Just needs a good, low friction, easy yes offer, and a few dozen people who want it. You can have a chat with people who need help, send them a google doc, and then close deals all day that add up to a pretty great income for a beginner and honestly a pretty decent income if you’re not a beginner.

So here’s a quick example of the sorts of results you can get from this step. I had a client in the marketing space who, he had a course he wanted to sell for, you know, 500 through a webinar. This is pretty standard. Anyways, after working with him to simplify and restructure his offer into a perfect mid ticket offer, raising the price, you know, to 1, 500 while we were at it, we were able to instantly bring him from 0 to 25k a month with paid traffic in his first month.

And since then, he’s gone on to scale his offer. He’s added in low and high ticket offers around that offer and even hired a phone sales team. But the key was that he kept it simple at a mid ticket price point that is easy as anything to sell, but still makes a sizable dent in your income, right? Every time somebody says yes, he scaled this thing up to 20k before he got into the fancy stuff, right?

All from this concept of making the offer. So let’s talk about how to pick a winning mid ticket offer idea. There’s just a few questions you can ask to sort of catch the trail and see this. What are people already asking you for help with? How can you help people take the most exciting first step and alleviate their most burning and immediate pains?

That’s another question here. How can you give people a quick win that proves your ability to help them further? Okay, this is actually a great way to segue into a high ticket offer. You can solve their biggest, most pressing problem first, and now that you’ve got this great rapport and problem solving energy going on in your relationship, you can actually ask them what they need to have resolved next, okay?

And that next can be done for them, and it can be a high ticket offer. so you can discover even further offers from starting real, honest conversations with people who need help, and then selling them a mid ticket thing. A great offer covers over a multitude of sins, and it makes it much, much easier for you to succeed.

Okay, that brings us to our next key idea, which is the two ethical client generating methods. So, you’ve just created something simple, compelling, easy to sell and deliver. Now, our next step is to pick one of two ethical, super effective client generation methods that don’t require a website, a fancy funnel, super complicated, you know, website, pixel, tech setups, or any real tech headache at all.

Now, don’t mishear me. Please don’t jump in and start pitching your friends and loved ones on your Facebook page. And while we’re at it, It’s not time to pay for click funnels and build some complicated tripwire funnel, either. Because at this point, all you have is a hypothesis. And we need to experiment and validate that hypothesis before we scale.

You could be really excited about your offer, but it doesn’t count until you get other people excited about it, too – so excited, in fact, that they’re ready to pull out their credit card and pay you. If you spent six months writing an ebook or creating a challenge funnel or recording course material before you’ve at least tested that people like what you’re selling, that’s, that’s foolish.

And it might not be your fault, okay, but it’s important that you know that that’s, that’s a foolish move and we don’t want to live that way. So we actually have two major goals at this point and they’re very straightforward. We’re looking for proof of concept and cash flow. You can think of this as validation and momentum.

Scaling right now is like trying to fly before you can crawl. We just need to get the ball rolling first. Anything that stands in the way of us gaining those two things is the enemy. This could be Resistance, this could be tech headache, this could be unnecessary efficiency grabs. Most of the gurus right now will tell you either to skip straight to, you know, setting up a book a call funnel through Facebook ads, trying to grow a viral YouTube or TikTok channel, posting every day on your personal Facebook page while giving value in Facebook groups, and I put that in quotes for anybody who’s just listening and not watching the screen, or creating a self liquidating offer funnel, things like that.

There are a few issues with those approaches. Either number one. It’s way too advanced for you at this stage of the game, and assumes you have a ton of traction already, right? Or a huge audience that’s already paying attention to you. Or, two, they’re really high in resistance. You probably don’t want to do it, right?

You don’t want to post business stuff on your personal Facebook when you could be witnessing to your friends and family members instead. Right? There’s resistance there. There’s a reason you don’t want to do it that way. Or, you don’t want to make a hundred videos or post on TikTok all day. And you don’t want to troll Facebook groups looking for people to pitch.

I mean, I mean help. so you don’t want to do the things the way the gurus teach, because either they’re complicated, they create the tech headache you’re trying to avoid, they try to automate and systematize before you’ve gotten proof of concept, or I really just, I think the key thing here is they treat the people you want to help like garbage.

Like numbers in a spreadsheet. Like prospects and profits to pocket, not image bearers to love and serve. Okay, they flat out just what a lot of what is being taught right now does not treat people with dignity. It just doesn’t. Honestly, this is probably what’s at the root of a lot of irresistence. It’s, it’s the spirit warning you.

It feels sleazy and weird to you. You don’t like it when people pitch you in Facebook groups and no amount of mindset work is going to help you feel comfortable with doing something that you don’t think is right. But the fact remains. You still need a stable and repeatable way to find clients that doesn’t make you feel like taking a shower and asking God for forgiveness afterwards.

So there are two ways you can do this, okay? Two ways you can handle this, and either one is a great path forward. We have one more or less organic method and one paid method. The organic method is what I’m calling outsourced organic outreach. You pay a virtual assistant to find, care for, and nurture prospects and book 15 minute phone calls that can lead to sales.

Or you go for the paid, paid route, Primed Content Ads, which is where you run 5 a day video content ads, two messenger convos, and 15 minute phone calls. Okay, these are really easy to get started, really easy to spin up, and they’re extremely effective in today’s market. The reason that either of these paths is going to be effective It’s simple.

We’re respecting other people as human beings, empowering them to engage at the level they want, and over delivering in conversations before we ever try to pitch. Either of these paths work because there isn’t any resistance, no tech headaches, and no unnecessary efficiency grabs. If you’re not willing to talk to your target market, you should not be in business.

That is the entire endeavor, that’s the whole point, is you speak to them, you hear what they need, and then you teach them what they need to know, okay? And you show them how to get what they need, but it all starts with conversations. Either of these paths works because there’s not any resistance, there’s no tech headaches, and there’s no unnecessary efficiency grabs.

And yet, they’re enormously effective, efficient, and ethical. We use these every single day, even though we have since been able to move away from them into other things, we still continue doing them. In fact, when you hire a sales team, they should be messaging the people you’re going to work with and have conversations with them before a sale, right?

So why not set the tone now? And best of all, you’ll know that you’re treating people with the utmost respect and care as you evaluate together Whether help is needed or not. Which means you’ll be far more motivated to do it, and you won’t have to go through some six week Abundance Mindset and Limiting Beliefs Masterclass to twist your mental gymnastics into being okay with selfishly pitching people all the time.

Once again, complicated fails, simple scales, and in this case we don’t want to run afoul of basic human mindset and basic human psychology. We want to resist things that we don’t think are good. Does that make sense? Now, let’s talk about Outsourced Organic Outreach, and I’m going to do this as a whiteboard session. So, Here’s how this works. It starts with 20 to 30 connection requests, okay, where when I say connection requests I don’t mean shotgunning your connection requests at anybody with a pulse. I mean you build a targeted list of people who fit the target profile of people you stand to serve the most and then you treat them like human beings while you go and speak to them.

Okay, that’s a pretty big deal. You need to be loving and caring enough to actually pay attention to what’s going on in their world, interact with something that’s exciting in their context, something that they just celebrated, maybe an award they just got, an event they just got back from, something like that when you reach out.

Okay, now again, I’m having a VA help you with this, but this is the concept from a high level overview. And you offer something selfless. Okay? It’s not a free copy of your new book. It’s not the first chapter of your thing where you’re literally just bombarding them with your materials already. That’s actually not selfless.

That creates, that creates problems. You’re, you’re just being selfish. You’re not actually caring for people. what you need to do from there, you’re, you’re taking care of these people and then you’re nurturing them all into conversations. Okay, you’re having conversations with them about what sucks in their current situation, what stinks about this current point A, what’s their point B, what are they trying to do?

A certain subset of those people are going to agree to a 15 minute phone call, okay? Forgive my awful drawing skills, this is my best attempt at a phone, but they’re going to go for that 15 minute phone call, and then a certain subset of them are going to see value in what you’re doing. Right, and you can do 20 30 connections a day, every day, for an entire month and reach out to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people.

You can start conversations, a lot of people are going to respond if you just treat them like a basic human being. And if you even get 35 40 conversations with people that are reasonably good fits, pretty self evident that you could probably close 20 of them if your offer is good enough. Okay, at a minimum 10, but 15 to 20 is reasonable too, okay?

And then these people will purchase, you know, you’ll send them to a sales page or something, have a conversation with them where they can see how your materials work, okay? This is really good for professional B2B services, LinkedIn makes these people very easy to find in a good rate, and this This whole process is easier to start up and maintain, but it does have a lower ceiling.

If you reach 600 qualified people a month, you’re not going to get more than that. You’re going to reach 600 qualified people a month. Okay, that’s where this other approach starts to really get interesting. And this is what we’re going to call primed content ads. On primed content ads, we call this, you know, PCA. The whole strategy is to stay on Facebook, and here’s why. Facebook ads only really becomes complicated when you’re sending somebody away from Facebook, okay? You’re often gonna pay twice as much when you’re sending folks away from Facebook as you would if you found some way to get the job done with them still on the platform.

That’s because Facebook really doesn’t want them to leave. And Apple doesn’t want to let you track them, even if they do, which is going to destroy all of your data for how your ads are working or not. So what if, instead of sending them away and forcing them to come over to your house, what if you met them where they are, right?

And what if, instead of a massive pitch fest, trying to find the right combination of words just to get them to buy your thing, what if you instead educated and proved your ability to help them? Okay, this strategy is super, super simple. You create three 3 to 5 minute video ads, teaching and educating, especially on how to solve the biggest struggles they have as it relates to your area of expertise, okay, and you run those ads for about 5 a day per video, okay, and here’s what happens.

Facebook keeps a list of all the people who have watched at least 25% Okay, they’re called 25 percent Video Viewers. Very creative title, I know. What you can then do… is take that list of people and then send them another ad. Okay? Could be a video, could be an image, could be just text. But you send those people another ad.

Here’s the logic here. If you got somebody to stop and listen to you for 60 solid seconds, on one of these videos over here on Facebook, rather than scrolling through their feed, chances are good that they’re really interested in what you’re saying. So then we can get ourselves in front of those people again, just those people, with an offer to help.

So rather than paying over here to get in front of a million people, You’re paying just to get in front of a hundred or a thousand, right? So your ad costs go way lower because you’re not paying to jump into other people’s feeds. Now, what we optimized for in the beginning is messenger conversations. And again, Here’s my ugly little chat bubble with the little lightning bolt thing that’s messenger.

Yeah, that’s not very good drawing, but you get it. You get the point. In the beginning, I suggest you do messenger conversations and book calls from there. This whole thing stays on Facebook. You don’t have to set up the pixel. You don’t have to set up a website, a webinar, a sales funnel, or anything more complicated than that.

And it works crazy well when you have those things as well, but it’s not necessary, especially at the beginning. So, this method takes a little bit longer to get going than the LinkedIn method, but it works exceedingly well in the long run. If we were to look at this as, as kind of a chart, the growth on LinkedIn is really, really steady state. There’s not a lot of nuance to this. It works pretty well immediately and you’re just your month over month growth is just up into the right.

You’re going to consistently hit there, but it’s not going to you’re not going to get past that. Facebook, on the other hand, the ad strategy that I’m talking about here, it takes a little bit longer to get going out of the gate, but pretty soon it hockey sticks and overtakes LinkedIn by a pretty significant margin.

I usually recommend people start with LinkedIn, get to a pretty appreciable amount of income, and then move over to Facebook ads from there. So, hopefully that makes sense. that’s, those are the two ethical client generating methods. And what we’re going to move into next is our super simple selling assets.

This is another key idea. I don’t see anybody teaching this, I don’t see anybody showing how this works for people, but my clients are getting really good results doing things this way. So, what we do for our clients, what we show them and what we even do for them, we can talk about that a little bit more later.

You can get a simple… Professional, beautiful looking sales page without any tech stuff or website registration or hosting, without paying for funnel software or 14 day trials that you forget to cancel, and without resorting to cheesy looking Google Docs, using only three tools so simple that a chimp can do it, that’s Notion, Canva, and Stripe. Powered by the sales copy, the desire triggers, and the offer. And when you do this right, you can get in front of ideal buyers with totally free sales materials. That looks like you paid 5k to get it designed, written, built, and launched. And if you run this out to your market as a hypothesis, you get that immediate feedback, you can change the language on all of this stuff as easily as editing a Google Doc, letting you iterate and tighten the feedback loop so you can dial in your messaging the right way based on feedback you’re getting from actual human beings, not trolling Amazon book reviews and Reddit.

Communities to try to figure out what they think. Right? Actual feedback. Once you get it dialed in, the results of this type of system are just absolutely incredible. The page that you’re looking at on screen… Slightly hidden by my head. This is the sales page I made just for my GrowthMap one on one coaching program.

Do you see how clean that looks? I used those three tools I just told you about, and this, I used this for my program after I came out of that struggle sesh with my golden triangle in hand, even though I’m a web designer and I make my own websites, right? I personally wanted to take All of the complication out of this system, and I didn’t have to do almost any design for this page.

I just wrote the content, colored a few things, made a few things bigger here and there, added my logo, and searched for a cool image for that header bar. But it’s a very clean design, and it took me half an hour to make once I had the copy written. And there’s a button on that page which, when they click it, would take them to a checkout page that looks something like this.

this is actually a different product, but the point is the same. You can just check out the design there. The whole point is we want them to feel, safe on a checkout page, that doesn’t look sketchy. And this is a great design put out by the people who make Stripe. And if they’ve ever… You see that thing that says link in the top right corner?

If they’ve ever done a checkout page where they used Stripe, they can just link the payment methods that they’ve already used, making this even more convenient and you didn’t even have to set anything else up. The value add piece that we teach our clients to make, the lead magnet basically, that I created way back at the beginning is also shown right here on this page. You can see I’m using the same tool on that page. It turns out a very clean, very easy to use design. the little or, you know, green triangle thing in the corner.

I use that in Canva. Right? And then you can, you can export this as a PDF if you want. It can be unbelievably simple and all of those tools are free, right? If you have conversations with people, can you see how simple this can be for you? You clearly show them what you can do. You demonstrate your desire to help.

Do you really need more than this in the beginning? It’s not that complicated. You have a lead magnet that starts conversations with people who need help. You have a sales page made so you have something you can talk about side by side with a prospect, where they can see the offer presented clearly. You have a checkout page that makes people feel safe and secure when they’re entering in their credit card information.

And if you have a way of starting conversations with people, what else do you need? Think about this. This isn’t the point of this presentation, but I want you to know we work with our clients all the time to do these things personally, right? We will help them craft perfect offers for them and their clients.

We help with the logistics and the structure, and then we write the messaging for our clients. We’ll write and build your sales page and lead magnet for you. we would set up all of what you need for either of the two ethical client generating paths, right? So if you’re going for Facebook, we will write your video ads, we’ll edit them and upload them to Facebook, including setting up all your audiences.

All you need to do is record them, right? And then send me the files. That’s it. If you’re going for LinkedIn instead of Facebook, you know, we’ll set up your specific SOP and what we call the messaging decision tree that you can hand off to a VA to do 90 percent of the LinkedIn work for you. And we’ll even help you prime your profile to be sort of an ideal client magnet.

Bottom line is that we do this, you know, we do most of the heavy lifting for you to get you those three to five hyper qualified leads every single day. Month after month. People who are pre framed and have the money to buy both your, you know, upfront 1k no brainer offer and even some high ticket back end offers so you can add an extra 20k to even 40k a month to your bottom line.

We have clients, I have clients who’ve gone past that, frankly. But we do all that work for you. All you need to do is figure out who stands to gain the most from your help, what that offer should look like, and then record some videos with scripts that I send you. You don’t even have to make eye contact.

I can edit the videos to make the eye contact for you. So the point is you don’t have to work with us to be able to pull this off yourself. Here is our entire GrowthMap system on one page. Step one, discover the type of work that you were made to do and find a way to help those who stand to gain the most from your skills to solve one specific pressing problem that takes around two hours.

Then, implement a client generating method, either organic or paid, to strike up quick conversations with your market. Highlight the desired triggers and the immediate felt needs and start the conversation with those first. Make iterative changes to your offer so that you can meet your client’s actual needs the way that they present them to you as quickly and effectively as possible.

Package it all into one automated conversion asset, which is a sales page, right? And then, frankly, this is something I’m just thinking about off the cuff, you can record a sales video, a video sales letter, once you get some validation on your language, and then you can just upload it to that Notion page.

And it will be there and it’ll load every time people open up your sales page so you don’t even need a website for that. we package it into this one automated conversion asset and quickly start selling it at a mid ticket price point. Once it’s refined, you get to present that no brainer offer and onboard your clients over the DMs, a checkout page that you made for free.

Or a 15 minute call, collect your 1, 000 fee in full and fist bump them for enrolling. Then you solve their one problem, you deliver on it, you either upgrade them into the next thing or let the client go if it’s not worth your energy. This is an underrated benefit. If you’ve ever done high ticket client work that you needed because of the money but the client ended up being an absolute nightmare headache, you understand how wonderful it is to be able to just flip a kill switch and say I am no longer working with you.

This allows you. To do that before you jump into some bigger engagement, just because you had to. And then you get to rinse and repeat, climb up to 20k, and build your brand, marketing systems, team, and automation on top of this ridiculously simple system once you’ve cracked 20k a month. That’s the whole system.

That was the easy part. The hard part is doing it. The fact of the matter is that this system works really, really well. I’ve done my absolute level best to cut out all of the distractions, the things that can pull you away from actually launching your thing and getting sales for it. But in short, what we’ve done is we’ve focused on the few hard things that matter for actually getting sales for your business.

But I’d be lying if I told you it’s all easy and a rosy trip down the Garden Path. It’s hard just like anything worth doing in life, which is why we need the beautiful story of the Bible. If you start to really understand the full story of the Bible, you’ll really understand your calling. You’ll understand your worth. You’ll understand your destiny, and you’ll understand exactly what success looks like in God’s eyes. I wrote an entire book about this, it was 270 pages long.

This is the summary of all summaries of those important points, because the clock is ticking. The Bible comes to us in the shape of a story, with a once upon a time part, called Genesis 1 and 2, and a happily ever after part. And then a happily ever after part, which is Revelation 21 and 22.

Those are the first two and last two chapters in your Bible. Now, most of us think of the story of our lives here in the middle, my little stick figure guy, where we think we’re just broken sinners. on a fallen earth, estranged from God. And our eternal future is as disembodied spirits living away from the earth in heaven.

All of that is wrong. I’m sorry. Just read the text. It’s not earth in the beginning. This is what we think. We think it is earth in the beginning. and then Heaven in the end. You die and then you go up to the ethereal, non physical place up here that is Heaven. That’s not how it works in the Bible, and the answers to this question are in the first two pages and the last two pages.

Stick with me. In the beginning and in the end, it’s actually Heaven and Earth Totally overlapping. Okay, so my little dotted line is for heaven, and my little solid line is for earth. It’s actually heaven and earth. And then in the end, it’s actually the earth and heaven overlapping again, too. Right? It is both heaven and earth in both cases.

So what we talk about when we talk about these things, we talk so much about original sin, we forget about original glory. Humans were designed, on the pages of Scripture, the first two pages of Scripture show you that humans were designed to be God’s partners, okay? Glorious, ruling partners. over the world that God made and called good.

And if you go to the very end of the story, okay, Revelation 21 and 22, I’m going to erase some of this so you can kind of see, if you go and you read those chapters, we are his partners again. God has redeemed us and brought us back into the fold, not just in that day, But in Christ, from this moment forward, you are God’s partner again.

And we talk about heaven so much that we miss God’s plan from Scripture, that He’s going to restore and renew this world. Again, read Revelation 21 and 22, read Romans 8, read 2 Peter 3, all of these different passages. What does that mean for us? It means that who we really are, as humans, Is the people God made in the beginning.

We have that part of our storyline. Why did God say he wanted human beings in the beginning, right? Hopefully you remember this if you ever did Sunday school. Hopefully this makes sense to you. Why did God say he wanted human beings? He wanted them to rule and reign with him, right? He said, let us make mankind in our own image so that they can rule over the whole world that he made.

Okay, to work alongside him as kings and queens ruling and reigning under him. And again, that same storyline continues in Revelation 21 and 22. Humans in the end are ruling and reigning with him, creating order and beauty and making life flourish. And in both cases, you know, it’s not needed. Professional religious people, pastors, missionaries, evangelists.

Because by that time the work is done. It’s all done. But we will need In, in the end, in the new world, we will still need artists, and musicians, and chefs. In short, we need workers. We need workers to do God’s work on the earth. We need designers. We need writers. So the pastor and the missionary lose their job, but the coach doesn’t.

So what does that mean? It means that you’re able to do now what God wants you to be doing for eternity, okay? If you get a hold of what you were designed for and what you were destined for, what you are destined for in Christ, it can completely change the way that you live your life now, okay? It means that you are able to do now what God wants you to be doing for eternity.

If you’re working toward the eternal state that God has in mind, You’re his partner again. You’re working on the same things God is. If your work creates order and beauty in the world, if it makes life flourish, or if it pushes back the power of evil, you’re God’s partner. Now. So tell me, why wouldn’t God want you to succeed?

Why wouldn’t he want for everything that you’re doing to go as well as it possibly could? You’re literally a beloved child of his, desiring to partner with him the way you were designed to from the beginning, and you’re contributing to his goals! That doesn’t mean that you can just do whatever you want and God will just have to give you money, that’s not what I’m saying.

It means that God will provide for you in any way you’re partnering with Him, and He wants you to both be and do your best. For the sake of the world he’s creating and the people you can help with your gifts that he gave you. If you really get this into your thinking, if you bury it deep into your heart, into your mind, and into your soul, you can be an unstoppable force for good.

Your eternal future is unimaginably good and beautiful, and your life that you’re living now is connected with that one in a million small and big ways. Now, here’s the bottom line. Okay, and I’m going to wrap up with this. Frankly, this system is working really well for seasoned coaches and, you know, Christian consultants and experts and service providers to add that extra 20k to their bottom line as well as newbies getting into 20k for the first time.

But because of the nature of the work that I’m doing, I only have so much space, right? My team and I can really only work with a handful of clients at a time. So if you want everything said in this video, There are a few things that can be done to help you get there, okay? If you’re seeing this video right now, there are spots open.

Here’s what’s at stake. We can help you replace your free strategy sessions with a 1, 000 no brainer offer your dream prospects can’t say no to. We can help you handcraft your genius into an easy to deliver, easy yes, shiny object offer and package it up with a simple and effective sales page so you can start getting sales in hours rather than weeks, so you can add either your first 20k a month, or even an extra 20k a month to your business, so you can focus on enjoying life and serving your clients, knowing without a doubt that God is absolutely thrilled with you and giving his favor on your success, instead of wasting time and money trying to do it all yourself, doing the complicated things that don’t work, and being another year older, next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, still stuck at square one.

Now, remember, back at the beginning, I said that my offer is worth 6, 997. That’s true. One of them is. I’m aware, obviously, not everybody is in the same spot. Some can afford done for you work. Some prefer to do it themselves. Others like help and guidance in the trenches in sort of an in between spot, a done with you kind of engagement.

No matter where you are, I want to meet you there. My motivation, my number one motivation, and my team’s number one motivation is to help as many Christian coaches and experts as we can. We want to see the Kingdom of God alive and well, flourishing, thriving, and contributing in every way to the renewal of God’s world, creating order and beauty, making life flourish, and battling back the forces of evil.

So I have three ways that you can join me today, and again, I’m not trying to convince anyone. If you feel the pull to work with me, it could be that it’s the Spirit of God. If you feel God saying no, it’s the same thing. Obey Him either way. Right? But there are three, three ways that I can help. The first is, I wrote a book.

It’s called the 20K a Month Christian Coach Book Bundle. It’s not just a book by itself. What I’ve done, and I’m going to go ahead and show you the page for this, you can find it at theoverlap. design slash book. It is very full, in depth training alongside this book that I wrote. It is, all kinds of materials.

I recorded bonus trainings. I have the Golden Triangle bonus training, the Redeeming the Time productivity workshop. The 30 day mid ticket offer step by step launch checklist. If you want to have exact steps for how to pull this off, I’ve put everything That pertains to this process, into that checklist for you to go through, step-by-step day by day.

A three offers to seven figures bonus training. Another training sort of like this one where I go really in depth into the thinking behind three kinds of offers that will take you past 20 k, even up to 100 or 200 K months. like some of my clients have been able to do. A checklist of 30 tools under $30 for 20 K months was really, really helpful.

These are tools that I use every day and that I teach my clients how to use as well. You get 20k a month, Christian coach, book, and all five bonuses, and the normal price for that is 27. Now, that’s one way that you could get my help. Another way you could get my help is in what I call the GrowthMap, which is my one on one coaching program.

Okay, in the GrowthMap, you would get everything from the book bundle. You get the book too, okay? But you’d also get my A Z training portal, all of the different materials that go into teaching you in depth the practical nitty gritty how tos to get this whole piece in process. Installed and working in your business.

I’ve gone into extreme detail and I haven’t held anything back. Matt Casner is, in the chat. He’s one of the guys on here live. He could tell you what it’s like to go through this process. it is, it is pretty intense, but it needs to be intense because that’s how you get the process going.

That’s how you actually get results. it comes with a complete implementation workbook so that you have practical, actionable steps. To create your own materials, write your own copy. It gives you all my templates, all of my automations, all my SOPs, everything that I do when I build this out for a client so that you can build it out for yourself.

You also get on top of that a 90 minute GrowthMap session breakdown where you go through the workbook, you go through the training, and then you get to a certain point where it makes sense for me to get on and sort of check your work, right? I want you to have someone in there who can really give you actual feedback on what it is that you’re doing, rather than just you figuring it out and saying, I think I’ve got it right.

I want to come in and give you actionable insights to help you do this as well as possible, right? If there are copy suggestions, I will rewrite your copy on the phone. If there are changes that can be made to your offer, I will tell you what those changes should be. And then eventually… After I’ve gone and circled up with my team and we sit down and we come up with, based on your situation and our over two decades of combined experience.

Once we circle up and talk about what it is that you need help with specifically and what are the challenges with your specific offer, your specific market, your specific, you know, offer logistics and structure, how much time you have to actually develop and fulfill on this thing. All of those things we come up with a personalized battle tested roadmap which we call the GrowthMap document that’ll lay out your exact next steps for what we think you should be doing in order to get the result that we talk about in the GrowthMap which is that 20k a month.

You’ll even get, and I don’t know honestly how long I can continue to offer this, but for the time being it’s on the table and it’s my gift to you and my thanks to you. 30 days of a la carte unlimited support from me personally. When I say a la carte unlimited, I mean you write me an email, I will at least email you back.

If you request a video, I will record a video with my insights and my thoughts and send that back to you within 24 hours. If you want to book a call with me, you can book a call with me. My calendar is wide open to you as a member of my client family. I don’t hold anything back. I have clients who make Great use of this and unlock all sorts of breakthrough that they wouldn’t have had if they didn’t take advantage of it I don’t offer this to everyone but as a result of this training you’re being live on this training You have the opportunity to join me with 30 days of a la carte unlimited support in getting to that 20k a month outcome Okay, and the GrowthMap is 2, 997

Then there’s another way I can help It’s called the GrowthLaunch done for you program. You get everything from the book bundle and the GrowthMap But on the GrowthLaunch version, my team and I write all of your copy, we craft your sales page for you, we create your checkout page for you, we craft your lead magnet for you and we set up all of your materials for one of the ethical client generation methods.

So we’ll set up everything for either the Facebook route Or the LinkedIn route, and we’ll get you set up based on which one makes the most sense for your situation at hand. So that on the GrowthLaunch, all you need to do is figure out your offer, um, go through some of the training, fill in some of the workbook the materials, we’ll do our session, I’ll get you your document, and then my team and I will go away and do all the heavy lifting of creating those materials for you and hand them back to you.

Ready for you to go out and take it to the market and start to iterate and grow. Now, here’s the thing. That’s what these cost normally, and I have people all the time who look at those prices, they recognize the value there, I, I hope you can agree that there is at least 6, 997 of value in the Done For You program, 2, 997 in the GrowthMap, and 27 in the Christian Coaching Book Bundle.

People have sold way less valuable material for way, way more money, and if this gets Even halfway to 20k in one month and it never worked again, you would still have made 10k and you would have gotten more than your investment back. I have clients who are doing 30k, 35k, 40k and beyond before they get to the website step and then we can really pour gasoline on the fire.

But I hope you can agree it’s worth that much. Here’s the thing. My main motivation is to see the Kingdom of God alive and thriving and flourishing in business. I want to see people doing their absolute level best for the Lord, creating a more garden like world in service to Jesus in their entire immediate surroundings. Nothing motivates me more. And on top of that, I would really love more case studies because I have that same mission. All I want to do is help other people do that. But in order to help other people do that, I need to get even more people who’ve gone through these systems, who’ve done these materials and gone through this process.

I’m not hiding the ball with you. I’m telling you exactly what my motivations are. And if I get, if I get case study clients, more and more and more of them that I get, the more proof there is that this works and it can set people free from what is keeping them stuck, broke as a joke, and ready to choke.

Doing this work that is either bleeding them dry without getting them paid enough, or not getting them clients because they focused on the wrong things in the wrong order, or they’re doing things that are sleazy and God doesn’t want to to, you know, reward people for treating people like garbage.

So I want to set people free. So what I’ve done is for, again, people who are live on this call right now, I’m so thankful. You’ve been incredible. I want to reward that decision to stick with me to the end. The prices for all of these projects, all of these different materials have gone down as of today.

These programs can be had for 7 for a copy of the book, 997 if you wanted to enroll in GrowthMap. Or 4, 497 if you wanted to enroll in GrowthLaunch.

My main goal, and I continue to mean this from the absolute bottom of my heart, my main goal is to help Christian coaches, experts, service providers of all kinds to break free from all of the things that they’re doing that aren’t working, that aren’t moving the needle, that are keeping them stuck in either a method that’s not working, selling something that they were not made to do just because it makes them more money, and being able to really serve the people that stand to gain the most.

from their help with the gifts that God has given to them. Nothing matters to me more than that. If you wanted to grab a copy of my book, okay, and all of the extra materials that come with that, all you need to do is go to the overlap. design slash book in order to get the book GrowthMap to grab the GrowthMap. GrowthLaunch, to grab the GrowthLaunch, or you can go to Get Started, if you go to the Get Started page, you can also, you know, chat with me. Book a 15 minute call, or shoot me a message for support, and I’ll answer any questions that you might have. God bless you all. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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