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A Couple of Things to Remember When Reading About Our Client Results:

These are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all incredible people with impressive work ethics who created amazing businesses & offers. They worked their butts off and pushed through every manner of challenge and struggle; both personal and professional. This is not easy. We have not independently verified all the results they’ve shared. 

Nice Things Others Have Said

Mike H.

Owner of Men Restored Coaching

It can be hard to figure out what to focus on and when it should be done. When you join the GrowthLaunch, you don’t have to worry about any of the “what on earth should I be doing” and you can just follow the step-by-step instructions and focus on doing the work well.

Tim will provide you with an answer.

Dude knows his stuff and gives you an answer tailored to your business, your program and your clientele. Meaning you can get on with the work, and stop doubting yourself and wasting time being stuck!”

Mat C.

Owner of FreelanceCEO

Tim is some kind of marketing & copy wizard. Everything he teaches makes perfect sense, he finds the holes that other people won’t tell you about, and he gives you the exact steps to win.

I am thrilled I get to work with him, and we’ve already done 3x this month compared to last.

I can’t recommend him enough!

Paul M.

CPA & Accounting Consultant

If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, do it. The GrowthMapping process was incredibly insightful and energizing.

Tim’s broad base of knowledge combined with that specific to marketing and web creates a very well-rounded strategy. And of course, his positive energy is very motivational.

Jim S.

Premium Coffee Company
Tim and his team made us a LOT of money, saved us a LOT of time, and supercharged our brand & marketing. They took care of everything; studied our business, our customers, & our process.

Overlap Design took all the responsibility, took charge of the project, kept in constant touch… If you get the chance to work with Overlap Design, DO IT. It was worth every penny!

Overlap Design